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Thrive Quiz Builder VS Quizitri; Which is Quiz Funnel King?

Thrive Quiz Builder VS Quizitri ReviewThose of you that have been following my website will have seen that we have already looked at a good number of quiz building apps. In recent years, quiz building has become an integral part of online marketing and a lot of people swear by these as online lead generation tools […]

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Quiz Cat Review

Quiz Cat Review Article Summary Quiz Cat ReviewHow do I install Quiz Cat?How Much does Quiz Cat cost?Is Quiz Cat easy to use?The Conclusion Review Summary Product Name: Quiz Cat by Fat Cat AppsProduct Type: WordPress Quiz PluginPrice: Free/$29/$49/$99 a yearSummary: Offers the ability to make simple quizzes for a WordPress Site. Free option could be a good choice […]

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What to expect from SEO Quiz Master?

What to expect from SEO Quiz Master?Good Morning! As this is a fairly new site and it is a little bit empty right now, I wanted to give you a heads up (as Americans would say) to what content to expect in the coming weeks and months! The reason I set this site up was to provide […]

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One major benefit of quizzes for online business’

One major benefit of quizzes for online business’As you probably already worked out, this website is all about quizzes and their role in modern internet marketing. In this article, I will attempt to explain this particular major benefit for online business’ Which is to……..Personalise your contentWhen marketing to people, it usually works better when that […]

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The quiz is the key to Affiliate Conversions in 2023!

Quizzes increases conversion! Even for this happy bloke!

A quiz will turn your website traffic into a converting money pit! ​ What’s the big deal about quizzes? I am sure that many website and blog creators have gotten to this point. They have worked tirelessly on their content, churning out post after post. Slaving over high quiality content until the early hours of […]

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Leadquizzes VS Interact: Which Quiz is Best for You?

Leadquizzes VS Interact: Who makes the best quiz?And here we are again with another head to head review. After recently reviewing Interact Quiz Maker, I was pretty impressed with what I saw! The question is, will it make a better quiz than Leadquizzes! Leadquizzes have a lot of hype around them, so this will be […]

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Interact Quiz Maker Review and Alternatives 2023

Interact Quiz Maker Review and AlternativesHello fellow quiz lovers, and welcome to the interact quiz maker review! If you’re not here for the full review, check out this link for Interact Quiz Alternatives. On this site, I have a mission to review all notable entries into the marketing quiz making genre. This is a genre that has been […]

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Best Riddle Quiz Review 2023 – Read before you Buy

Riddle Quiz Review. Leadquizzes Competitor?Welcome back. I have been reviewing a lot of quiz making software recently (what do you expect, this is a quiz focused website!!). And during this process, I stumbled across a quiz maker called Riddle. I had never heard of this service before, but after a quick peek it seems to […]

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