My Favourite Tools!

Recommended Marketing Tools

Domain Name

I see a lot of offerings in this market trying to essentially trick customers. They offer very cheap first year deals for your domain, then ramp the price up for the following renewal years. You might also get hit with inflated charges for such things as name privacy services.

No such thing at NameSilo. Their motto is "Domains. Cheap, easy and secure." They don't offer the cheapest prices in the first year, but they offer consistently great prices beyond just the first year. They also offer name privacy services free forever! I really like that you can add a 2 factor authentication system to your account for added security. Again, for free!

Free Domain for 1 Year and $3.95 Web Hosting 

I have tried many web hosting companies over the years, but I have to say that Bluehost has been the best for me to date. 

They have excellent customer support and, in my view, the plans they offer have the best quality to cost ratio in the industry.

As an internet marketer, it's also relatively cheap to use Bluehost to host several websites. 

SEO Tracking Tool

Anyone that is serious about online marketing of any kind, understands that a keyword ranking tool is a major key to success.

Not only does RankTrackr tracks your historial rankings and SERPs, they also grab search volume and data. The best part is that their plans start from $7.5 which is a great price for starter websites. 

Freelancers from Five Dollars

I've been using Fivver for years to look for one off writers, video or SEO work at an affordable price. In order to find the best Fivver freelancers, I like to sort and choose those with bestselling gigs. They tend to complete the projects super fast!

Online Image Editing Tool

Canva is drag and drop image editing tool that gets me amazing images done in 5 mins. 

The free tier is already packed with lots of templates and features and it's helped me so much in generating images and graphics for social sharing, blogs and quizzes. You should try it if you haven't!

Influencer Search Tool

When I want to drive organic traffic quickly, I sometimes use influencers in my niche to push out posts. Ninja Outreach helps me quickly find and filter influencers by their niche, reach and engagement.