Best 19 Quiz Builders/Quiz Makers in 2022

By Mark SEO Quiz Guy


Are you looking for an online quiz builder? Whether it’s for a buzzfeed style quiz, personality quiz or a professional survey, we have reviewed these 19 Online Quiz Builders based on their features, style, usability, price and content. 

Let us know in the comments, which quiz builder you chose!

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Thrive Quiz Builder  

Thrive is the ultimate winner among all the Quiz Builders we've reviewed. It's a WordPress Plugin. They have thought up a set of wide ranging features, giving the ability to design, create, deliver and manage online quizzes. Noteworthy features include quiz embedding, answer tagging (to segment your leads), unlimited branching login (for personalised answers),  They even have full A/B testing.

However, a wider range of design template choices would be appreciated. 

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This amazing price allows you to use thrive quiz on up to 25 websites!

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Outgrow is a standalone tool that you can use even if you do not have a website. As well as offering quizzes, Outgrow also offer additional options for interactive content such as: 

  • Calculators
  • Tests and assessments
  • Polls
  • Chat bots
  • Surveys
  • Giveaways

    Outgrow allows you to embed your interactive content online, pretty much anywhere that allows you to add a custom HTML code. However, it also means that you lose your content once you end your subscription. Outgrow have a long list of integrations built right into their software. From Mailchimp to Google Sheets, they have you covered. 

Outgrow Price

Outgrow Price

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Involve.Me Quiz Builder Review

Involve.Me has a whole suite of tools but today we're going to focus on their quiz builder. They have an excellent variety of templates to choose from such as Surveys, Personality Type Tests, Knowledge/Trivia Quizzes and Calculators, It is fairly easy to use as they have a drag and drop layout when it comes to creating the quizzes.

Features: Quiz Embedding, Data Exports, Zapier/google analytics/Facebook Pixel Integration, Email Notifications, Payment Gateway, and Timer. The timer feature is interesting as it makes the quizzes more challenging. They also have a calculator creator that allows you to embed pricing calculators and embed them in your website. 

What I don't like is that they limit the number of submissions and tag it to the pricing tiers. However, the plan comes with other tools besides just Quizzes. If you need a whole bunch of tools to make your website more engaging, I would recommend getting Involve me. These other tools are great for generating leads too: forms, lead pages, contest sweepstakes, etc.

Best Quiz Maker Review

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Interact Quiz Maker Review

Interact Quiz Maker is a standalone tool that offers personality, scored and assessment tests. Interact offers an excellent way to market your quizzes. You can easily share them on social media, or introduce them to your website users by implementing an announcement bar or popup.  What made Interact stand out from the crowd though, was their excellent attention to detail when helping a new user to the platform. They even had some introductory videos to go along.

Interact Quiz Maker Price

Interact Quiz Maker Price

OpinionStage Quiz Maker

OpinionStage has been used by big brands such as BBC, Uber and Tripadvisor. The platform can be used to create  polls, detailed surveys and engaging quizzes. (We’re going to stick to the quizzes part.) It was easy enough for me to set up a quiz quickly as they have a vast numbers of templates available. Usual features that are appreciated include social sharing of results, custom themes, FB pixel tracking, quiz embedding, quiz reporting,email notifications and the ability to export results into excel.

Some interesting features include ad integration so you can generate ad revenue from the content you create with their tools.

Pricing Tiers: The free tier is limited to 250 views per month. As they base their pricing tiers on views and features, it can get a bit complicated.  I would recommend to look through their plans carefully to pick what matches your needs in the near future.

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Quizitri Review

Quizitri is a standalone tool that offers amazing looking templates with pre-written examples to help you get started quickly. It's easy to have it embedded on to unlimited websites. It also includes social sharing, integration with autoresponders, mobile responsiveness and also a commercial license that allows you to make money from quizzes that you've created. However, managing logic and branching in your quizzes is a bit limited.

Price: $69 one time payment to enjoy all the benefits of their Quiz Builder tool, with an extra $69 for additional templates. The pricing structure is solid, offering a great one off price and freedom to use quizzes on a wide variety of websites. 

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Advisor Quiz Review

Advisor Quiz is a WordPress Plugin that is slightly different from the usual and best suited to WooCommerce websites. Something special they have is a filtering quiz that is meant for visitors to filter product features and find the best product for them.

They also have a content count quiz that recommends new content to them based on their selection. For example, a travel count quiz will show various cities and i will select those that I've traveled to. The quiz results will then show new cities I haven't been to, so that I can explore new places or new food. This feature is quite a game changer and I'm personally interested to try this out on my own websites.

Usual features like lead capture (only mailchimp and aweber), mobile responsiveness, social sharing is included.

Pricing: $29 for 6 months, $38 for 12 months.

FyreBox Quiz Review

FyreBox strikes me as a simplistic tool for users who don't need complicated features. The website looks very pared down compared to other quiz builders I've reviewed. This looks like a great tool for those who wish to simply generate unlimited leads and nothing more. Do note that this quiz builder does not have a social sharing feature for results, so the quizzes have a limited viral effect.

The features they have are: Multi Scoring for Quizzes. Google Analytics Integration, Email Notifications, Facebook Chatbot (which means the quizzes can be played in FB Messenger), Quiz stats, Quiz Embedding, and Zapier Integration.

Pricing Plans: They have a 14 Day Free Trial, $19 Monthly Plan, $39 Monthly Plan, depending on your needs.

Quiz-Maker Review

I found Quiz-Maker through Google and their tagline is "The Easiest #1 Rated Online Quiz Maker". What makes them different is that they did not require an account to be created before creating a free quiz. I really did have a quiz published in a matter of minutes. This free quiz could also be embedded in a website and shared on social media. They have a special poll feature that blocks multiple attempts, if this is something users like.

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I like that they offer most of the features for free, just that it's limited to 25 responses a month. They also have a 14 Day Free Trial if you wish to test out the paid plans.

Best Quiz Maker Review 2020

Ari Stream Quiz Review

Ari Stream quiz is a wordpress quiz plugin that has the usual features like lead capture, social sharing and integration with email autoresponders. What's interesting about this quiz builder is that they also have a fully translatable backend and frontend with languages supported like French, Polish, Russian Turkish. In their paid version, the quiz takers must share links to quizzes on Facebook to see final page which increases virality.

Pricing wise it is $18 for 6 months of use and $23 for 12 months of use. 

ARI Stream Quiz price

WordPress Viral Quiz Review

WordPress Viral Quiz is a wordpress quiz plugin that offers only 2 types of quizzes: personality and trivia. They are GDPR compliant and multilingual. Nothing much else to shout about,

Price: $36 for 6 months and $48 for 12 months.

Quiz Cat Review

Quiz Cat is a WordPress Plugin. Building the quizzes are simple and straightforward, but apart from adding images, there aren’t really any options to further customise the look of your quizzes. You also have the option for people to share your quiz through social networks after completing a quiz. With the business tier, you can get full analytics and stats pages. This will help you to monitor quizzes taken and results gathered. There is also the ability to export the quiz results into a spreadsheet.

Pricing: Free Tier, $29 a Year for 1 Site, $49 a Year for 3 Sites, $99 a Year for unlimited sites.

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LeadQuizzes Review

LeadQuizzes is built by one of the leading digital marketers in the world Neil Patel.  They offer a variety of quiz types. These include personality, diagnostic, trivia, and true/false based quizzes. On top of that, the features include email lead capture, website pop ups, analysis and reporting and a wide range of integrations with 3rd party tools. It quizzes look modern and professional. In terms of cost, Leadquizzes is up there in the more expensive bracket of quiz builders that can be used for marketing. 

Leadquizzes Price

Leadquizzes Price

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Riddle Quiz Maker Review

Riddle is a standalone tool which focuses solely on marketing online quizzes. You can make unlimited quizzes and collect unlimited leads on all of the paid plans with Riddle. They have some of the most creative quiz types I have seen in a quiz maker so far. Riddle has an extensive results page to tell you exactly how your quiz is doing. It lists numerous key stats about your quiz, from the amount of social shares to how far people are getting through your quiz. A lot of this information is presented in bar charts and other easy to read formats. 

Riddle Quiz Price

Riddle Quiz Price

WP Quiz Pro Review

WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress Plugin that is designed to build Buzzfeed style type of viral quizzes. They have unique quiz types such as personality, trivia, swiper (player swipes preferred answer) and flip card (images that flip to show correct answer) quizzes. This Quiz Builder also allows you to add adverts to your quizzes, allowing you to generate ad revenue from them.

Price: Yearly subscription of $57 for 1 website and $77 for 3 websites, $87 for unlimited sites, you get one year of support and updates. 

QSM Review

QSM is short for Quiz and Survey Master. It's a wordpress plugin that's been installed on over 20,0000 websites. They have a wide variety of quizzes and survey tools. However, the visuals and layout of these quizzes are not the buzzfeed style of viral quizzes. Instead, they lay out the questions in one page. This quiz builder has features that allow you to collect emails, import and export responses and track with Google Analytics.

Their pricing has options that allows you to buy based on what features you need which is slightly different from the usual quiz tools.

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ProProfs Review

ProProfs is a standalone Quiz Maker I considered using as I wanted to create paid quizzes where quiz participants pay to see how they scored. What I like is that they have many existing templates that can be copied and edited so the set up is faster. Some examples are personality test, scored tests and survey forms.

They have many features such as images in quizzes, email notifications, quiz embedding, quiz stats and analytics, social media sharing and various themes and colours that allows you to customise the look and feel. They also have a forever free version.

ProProfs Review Forever Free Plan

Typeform Review

Typeform is a standalone (not a WordPress Plugin) minimalistic tool that is geared towards collecting survey responses. I am able to set a survey up in a few minutes which means the usability is great.. Unfortunately, there is no social sharing for quiz results that limits the viral sharing effect.

The paid versions have Unlimited Logic Jumps, forms, questions. They also have custom images for questions and custom thank you pages. This means that reach respondent can have a personalised result. The features include a payment gateway, email notifications and integration with mailchimp, facebook pixel, google analytics, google tag manager and airtable.

Free Version: 3 forms and 100 responses a month.

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Survey Sparrow Review

Survey Sparrow is a standalone survey tool that is geared towards enterprises so it's great for users with high volume usage. Their quizzes are fully customisable and look super sleek and professional which make them suitable for brands who care a lot about the look and UI. They have served clients like Fedex, SAP, and Gucci. They have integrations for enterprise level tools such as salesforce, hubspot, zendesk, stripe slack and more. Currently they offer a 14 day free trial, after which you can upgrade to various tiers.

Whew! That was an incredible list of Quiz Builders! Which Quiz Builder did you choose at the end and why? Drop a comment and let me know.

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