Interact Quiz Maker Review and Alternatives 2021

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Jul 20

Interact Quiz Maker Review and Alternatives

Hello fellow quiz lovers, and welcome to the interact quiz maker review! If you're not here for the full review, check out this link for Interact Quiz Alternatives.

On this site, I have a mission to review all notable entries into the marketing quiz making genre. This is a genre that has been growing rapidly over the past few years! A lot of people are drawn to the idea of quizzes by viral success stories, such as with the likes of Buzzfeed. A good interactive quiz has the potential to drive a lot of traffic to your business!

For this review, I have had the pleasure to play around with Interact Quiz Maker. To be honest, when I first got started with this software, I thought it would end up exactly the same as some other quiz makers I have tried. However, with time I started uncovering some pretty unique features and ideas behind Interact!

interact quiz maker review

What is Interact Quiz Maker?

A bit like I found with my Riddle review, Interact Quiz Maker are going for a pretty matter of fact marketing approach here! No real taglines or clever marketing speak! Their homepage states "Make A Quiz To Generate Leads For Your Business." Maybe someone needs to give their marketing department a kick up the you know what!! Some clever marketing might help their product feel more hip or cool or.....something!!

As the name suggests, Interact is purely a quiz maker, and a marketing quiz maker at that. Drive traffic to your business, get more leads.... the usual stuff we hear from all the main quiz makers!

Who Is behind Interact?

Interact Quiz Maker is one of the older quiz makers I have come across, having been around since 2013. It was founded by Matthew Clark and Josh Haynam. Josh seems to have an interesting background, at one time owning and running a refurbished electronics e-commerce business. That venture lasted two years, a bit longer than the one year his website was up! It seems like Josh was finally able to strike business gold (or at very least silver) with his involvement in Interact! Matthew, on the other hand, seems to have a less exciting background, most notably being a partner for Signi Interactive. It would appear they both went to university together (UCLA), and have slightly different areas of expertise. One is a 'business guy', whilst the other is a 'technical software guy'. You can imagine how this combination could work well together, right??

Product Features?

When you look at the Interact Quiz Maker, it is immediately obvious that they are marketing this tool heavily towards getting leads for your business. Therefore, the features they offer will focus on this!

Content Type

As stated above, Interact are purely focused on being a quiz maker, and do not offer a lot of other types of interactive content. 

They offer three main quiz types, as follows:

  • Personality. Each user is put into a personality category at the end of the quiz.
  • Scored. As the name suggests, users will simply get a graded quiz score at the end of their quiz.
  • Assessment.  Essentially, a multiple choice quiz style to test a user's knowledge.
interact quiz maker review

In terms of the content outside of quiz making, you can also make polls or simple giveaways on the platform. However, these offerings seem to be much more basic than the main quiz content, not having any pre-made content or style templates for you to choose from. If you are truly looking for interactive content outside of quizzes, I would highly recommend you take a look at my Outgrow review!


Yes, you may have guessed this one already (certainly if you read my other reviews), but this is an online only website based service. As with the general growing trend, you log into the Interact membership portal and make your quizzes from there. I sound like a broken record, but this means you have no real ownership over the content you make, as it is hosted on Interact's servers. If you stop paying your subscription, or the company goes down for some reason, you loose access to whatever you have made! If you are looking for a non-website based quiz builder, then go take a look at my Thrive Quiz Builder review!!

Marketing Features

As previously stated, Interact are 'bigging up' their service as being good for gaining leads for your business! So you would expect them to have a good lead collection system!

I actually quite like the simplicity of this feature. Whilst working on your content, you will see a 'Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz' toggle. After switching this on, you will be presented with this screen.

interact quiz maker review

This is a simple and efficient way to quickly get a lead generation form up and running, although the amount of customization around the look and style of this form is pretty limited.

Interact also offer an excellent way to market your quizzes. You can easily share them on social media, or introduce them to your website users by implementing an announcement bar or popup. This offers great variety, more than quite a few of the competition.

Help and Support

If you have read a lot of my quiz maker reviews, you will have heard me talking about chatbots a lot. Well, here we go again! I feel like a bout of Déjà vu is coming on! Yes, they use a chat bot on Interact's website too. In fact, it looks almost exactly the same as the Leadquizzes chat bot! Some one has been making a lot of money selling chat bots to all these companies!! ha ha !! 

Jokes aside, I can see why chat bots are becoming popular in customer service circles, as they do offer a more obvious presence on the website, and a great way to stay in touch with new customers. As with all these chat bots, it also acts a quick search portal for access to Interact's knowledge-base articles.

The interact chat bot wasn't as blazing fast to answer as the Outgrow version, but I still got my answers in a good time frame. So, no real complaints here! The only exception to this was at the weekend, when it seemed to grind to a halt!

What did make Interact stand out from the crowd though, was their excellent attention to detail when helping a new user to the platform. After I first signed in, they immediately asked me if it was my first time making a quiz, and had excellent help offerings for those that need it. They even had some introductory videos to go along with this. All in all, I felt the new user experience on Interact was exceptional. If you are worried you might get lost in such a platform, don't be! They even have a free course aimed specifically at beginners!

interact quiz maker review


Interact Quiz Maker has a solid list of native integrations. I wouldn't say they are top of the class here, but they are certainly getting a decent B+! Most of the major email auto-responders have native integrations, which makes the lead generation process much easier for anyone using those platforms. 


Interact Quiz Maker do have some clear and obvious user options related to GDPR, making sure you stay compliant. If you want more information on this, they have an awesome post on their blog detailing exactly how to stay GDPR compliant with their software. I think it is important for such options to be clearly labelled as helping with GDPR, as a lot of users are not aware of the full extent of this requirement yet!

Getting Hands On

The first thing that you notice when using Interact Quiz Maker, is the user interface! I feel like the UI is pretty clear and easy to understand, although it doesn't have the polish and 'class' of something like that found over at Leadquizzes (one of the few things they got right!!)

The only slight downside, is that they don't clearly show an overview of the quiz building process whilst designing. A lot of other similar products opt to have clear tabs at the top of the page showing each step in the process. Interact just have a 'next step' portion at the bottom telling you what is next. Just a minor gripe, but something to note.

Templates and Ready Made Content

Although Interact doesn't have any style templates available, they do have a massive amount of content templates. These are real world examples of quizzes that are invaluable in showing what such content looks like in the back end! If you are stuck for inspiration, Interact has a lot to offer here!

Interact have also set this up very well. They have split all their templates up by industry, which makes it easy for business' to navigate quickly to something related to what they do! You can also select more than one of these categories, adding a great level of flexibility!

Working with Questions

Interact have gone for a similar UI when building quizzes, as a lot of their competitors. All of your questions can easily be seen on the left side of your screen when in the design process. You can also see the flow, with a start page before and results after these questions. It is simple to add and take away questions within this interface. It is a little weird that you are taken to a new screen to reorder your questions though. I don't know why they cant just let you drag your questions around on the same screen.

One of the things I really like, is you get a live preview of your quiz on screen. To edit each part, you simply click and start editing. I really like this feature, something I haven't seen on other quiz builders.

Additionally, when you want to set up the correlations between the answers and end results, Interact has a really simple and unique way of doing it. They have a visual answer correlation section which would make it easy to set this up for even the most complex category style quiz results.

However, I was not able to see a way to add more weighting to certain answers for these type of quizzes. You can only really do that in a scored quiz, by changing the score for different answers. It would be nice to see this in their category style quiz results too. For the example above (parenting styles). You might think one set of answers is more relevant to the end result than others, and it would be nice to add extra weighting to that section.

Branching Logic

This is probably my favourite feature overall in Interact Quiz Maker. I am pretty surprised to see so many of their competitors going for very confusing text based systems for branching logic! However, I am relieved to see that Interact have gone for a visual style instead! Not only that, but it is one of the best visual branching logic editors I have seen so far! Good job Interact!

This visual editor turns logic branching into childs play, and reminds me of one of my other favourite logic branching systems previously reviewed from Thrive Quiz Builder. Simply drag questions around, and click and drag to link the answers of one question to the start of a new question. I also like how you can see the answer scores right on the overview too! 

When you first start the logic branching process, you will see all your questions and results on the right hand side. You then simply drag, drop and connect away on the empty canvas in front of you.

When you toggle logic branching on different quiz types, I also like how they have warnings to explain how this may work on the specific quiz type being used at the time. A lot of small details have been considered when designing Interact Quiz Maker.

A/B Testing

Sadly, A/B testing is not available in this product. If you want such a feature in your quiz building process, take a look at my review of Thrive Quiz Builder.

If Interact want to be a serious contender here, they should really look to add this feature to their service. Manual A/B testing is no fun, especially if you have multiple projects on the go at once!!

White Label Quizzes?

If you want to see your own branding on the quizzes you make, you will need to be on at least the $53 a month growth pricing tier. This is not bad compared to its competitors, but if you need white label quizzes for cheaper, check out Leadquizzes or Thrive Quiz Builder instead!

The End Result?

I have to say that I have been slightly disappointed in how some of the quizzes look on Interact. They are not awful, but compared to some of the competition, they often don't look as sleek or professional. This is not helped by some of the fonts used in the example quizzes provided! Look below to see what I mean! You can click the small image to see full size (if you want to see the full gory details!!)

Even after changing the god awful font used above, you are still left with a rather flat and boring looking quiz. For me, it just doesn't ooze any kind of 'quality feel'. Maybe it's just me, what do you think? This is more inline with quizzes I would make with cheaper alternatives like Thrive Quiz Builder, not one of the higher end monthly subscription services! The limited amount of customization available, means you can't do much about this either!

And look what happens when you give the wrong answer in a knowledge based quiz!! Ugly and amateurish are words that spring to mind!

Embedding the Quiz

This is another plus point for Interact, as they have a simple yet powerful way of presenting this to users. First of all, you have a wide variety of marketing options when it comes to embedding your quiz online. As you can see below, it is easy to share a quiz on social media or make a popup for your quiz on a website. it is even possible to use announcement bars or turn your quiz into a Facebook ad right in the platform. These are some awesome options for anyone using quizzes for marketing.

Interact have their own WordPress plugin, which simplifies using their quizzes on this platform.

Once you have chosen your method of embedding, the other options you get are similar to any other high end quiz building service. Although, I like the fact that they have specific options for embedding on mobile.

Reporting Tools

You can connect Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics directly with Interact Quiz Maker, to give you a more detailed reporting page.

The reporting tools are pretty impressive on this platform, but the way they are accessed is a little confusing for me. They have a reporting tab that shows the more basic information shown below. A visual graph of the main statistics that you will need to gauge how successful your quiz was.

When you look at your 'quizzes' section after logging in, you will also notice that each quiz also has an 'analytics' tab next to it too. After clicking on this, you are taken to a much more impressive results page showing your data in a more unique way. You can even see a literal quiz funnel, which shows the flow of your quiz. Why they had to split this information up into two different tabs, I have no idea. Some people might not even realise this other tab exists!!

You can get similar information from most other quiz maker's reporting tools, but Interact sets themselves apart by offering such a unique visual way to present this information. Delving into quiz statistics has never been so much fun!!

The Price

I really like Interact's pricing page. Although they have different tiers, they are really clearly presented on this pricing page. Yes, there are some restrictions, mainly around the amount of leads you can gather. However, these limits shouldn't be too restrictive for most people's needs. Most business' would find themselves coming in around the $53 a month Growth plan, which doesn't seem too bad to me. Note that this price is if you pay annually. Monthly prices go up by 40% if you want to pay this way, which seems a bit steep to me. To be fair, most competitors are doing this too. If you want to find a good quiz builder that don't penalize you too much for paying monthly, check out my Riddle review!

Simply Click this Image to go to the official pricing page on the Interact website.

What I like about Interact?

  • Excellent Logic Branching and Answer Correlation Systems

  • Innovative Reporting

  • Excellent Options for Embedding

  • Excellent Content Templates

  • All the Help you would Need

  • Simple Click to edit Quiz Design

What I don't like about Interact?

  • No Real A/B Testing

  • Frankly Bad Looking Quizzes

  • Little Real Style Customization

  • Splitting up Reporting and Analytics in an Over Complex Way!

My Final Interact Quiz Maker Verdict!

First, you need to decide whether you are happy with the look of the quizzes that Interact Quiz Maker produce. Personally, I am not a fan and would probably skip this service for that very reason. However, if you don't mind this, Interact offers one of the best quiz building experiences on the market right now.

I love their logic branching and reporting features, some of the best I have seen so far from all the quiz builders I have reviewed. You have all the tools you could want for making complex quizzes, and diving deep into the stats to see how they performed.

If they offered better style templates, or a deeper set of customization options, I might use them myself! I am going to give it four stars, but it is more like a 4.5 star product if you like the look of their quizzes!

Remember, choosing a quiz making tool can be a very personal thing! I recommend you look at more of my reviews and decide which service best meets your personal requirements! Maybe your standards are totally different to mine!!

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