Leadquizzes VS Riddle. You may be surprised!

By TheQuizGuy | Quiz Product Reviews

Jul 14
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Leadquizzes VS Riddle. You May be Surprised!

Welcome back to another head to head review. This website is all about helping you find the best quiz maker for your business. Hopefully, these head to head comparisons will give you a better idea how some of these competitors stack up against each other. The quiz making genre is getting pretty popular these days, and we keep hearing success stories about business' that have grown X amount after using quizzes! But it will be harder for you to do the same if you choose a low quality product!! Today we go for Leadquizzes VS Riddle, a matchup that some might call a David vs Goliath situation!

Leadquizzes and Riddle: Some Background to Start

Leadquizzes are the company most people (certainly in the internet marketing world) would have heard of first out of the two. They have a buzz around them akin to that of ClickFunnels in the funnel making genre. This is mainly due (in my opinion) to having people such as Neil Patel endorsing their product. After all, Neil is a very successful person in this realm of internet marketing, and many follow his every move!

Leadquizzes were founded by Dornubari Vizor and Jeremy Ellens in 2015. They started as a marketing agency, and transitioned into a software company. Referred to as a SaaS company (software as a service), a term we are hearing more and more these days. Leadquizzes had some crazy growth at the start of their life, and have established themselves as a key brand in the quiz making space.

Believe it or not, Riddle have been around longer than Leadquizzes, having been founded in 2014 by Mike Hawkins and Boris Pfeiffer. Although Mike is American, the company he helped found originates from Europe. Even though they are quite a mature company in this market, I hadn't heard much about Riddle. They certainly don't have the cool factor or 'buzz' that Leadquizzes seem to have. They definitely don't have any famous internet marketers plastered all over their websites! Although they do have clients such as Arsenal (just the best football team in the world!), Chicago Bulls and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).  

Both Leadquizzes and Riddle are purely quiz focused services, not choosing to offer any other interactive content.

Comparing Product Features

Content Type

This is an area where Riddle totally smashes the competition. They have managed to come up with some of the most creative and fun quizzes I have ever seen. I would go as far as to say these are the best online quizzes I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Here are some examples.

I worked with their 'order it' template, which lets you drag and drop lists of items into order. In this case, I had to drag and drop Star Wars movies into the order they were made. Not only is this a great idea for a quiz, but the implementation was excellent. The animation of the tiles as you drag them was very well done.

I also tried out a 'tap and find' quiz template, where you click on specific parts of an image to answer a question.

They also have blog style quizzes, which will encase your quiz in a blog post! Interactive stories! Ranked lists, opinion polls and surveys are also available. 

After all this Riddle excitement, Leadquizzes seems rather boring in comparison. No flashy or creative quiz design here. Just bog standard question and answer quizzes. After playing around with Riddle, you will feel that this alternative is rather on the simplistic side.


Both of these companies operate as a website based service. You log into your account and do all your work within their membership portal. Yes, this may mean that your quizzes can be hosted on their (hopefully) super fast servers! But it also means you never really have ownership of any of your quizzes. If you stop paying your subscription, or the company goes bust, you will find that you have no way to get at those quizzes that took you so long to make! Just be aware of this for both services. If you don't like the idea of website based services, go look at my review of an alternative Thrive Quiz Builder, that is not website based!

Marketing Ready?

Both of these products make it easy for you to collect leads from the quizzes you make. Riddle always has a 'collect leads' section for each quiz you make. It is up to you whether you activate it or not. They also have some simple templates you can quickly insert in order to collect different types of information, from full addresses to simple email.

Leadquizzes has a 'form field' option that you can drag in around your quiz questions during the building process. To design your form, you simply drag the different information fields you want to collect onto the form.

Although both approaches are similar, Riddle makes it a bit easier to become GDPR compliant. Leadquizzes allow you to toggle on your Privacy Policy on this page. But Riddle go a step further by having a 'ask for permission to collect leads' toggle too.

Riddle also has the option to add call to action buttons throughout your quiz, an option not available in Leadquizzes. Although Leadquizzes has the option to add website popups to get people to try out your quiz.

Leadquizzes has a privacy policy toggle

Help and Support

Both Leadquizzes and Riddle have excellent help documents on their membership portal. This means that most problems are just a quick read away from being solved. Leadquizzes even have a short free video course, although it is looking a bit long in the tooth now. It is using a totally different user interface than what Leadquizzes currently use.

The first time you edit a quiz in Riddle, there are some very helpful tooltips that pop up helping you get the best out of some key sections. Leadquizzes have an excellent 'get started' button, that once clicked, provides you quick access to all the important information you need to learn to get started.

The Riddle Tooltips!

Getting Started with Leadquizzes is simple!

Both services have opted to use a chat bot as the main way for customers to get a quick response to any questions or queries they may have. These chat bots also serve as a quick way to access help articles related to your queries. Leadquizzes chatbot was incredibly slow for me, often taking a while to get any real response back. The Riddle one was a lot faster, but just be aware that it is much faster during European office hours.


Leadquizzes dominates here, have an excellent set of integrations already available. This means many services are quick and easy to setup, requiring no complex copy/pasting or external services. 

Leadquizzes has your integrations covered

Riddle, on the other hand, has a rather bare bones integration list currently. Of course, you can always store and export data on their platform, but a lot of people want ready made integrations to automatically push information to external services they use. One plus point is the ability to auto save quiz leads to a Google Sheet!


Being based in Europe, I feel like Riddle are a step ahead on this front. They have more clear options related to this, as well as covering the topic extensively on their website, in the form of detailed articles.

Leadquizzes do have similar options, which they explain in this article, it is just that they are much less obvious to the user when working through a quiz, and may be missed by some.

Getting Hands On

User Interface

Leadquizzes recently launched version 3 of their service in February of 2019. With this came a very modern and slick looking user interface. If anything, I feel they might have over simplified their UI!! They certainly have top notch UI designers though, as you get a real sense of quality while interacting with the menus and options within their service. 



Riddle has everything laid out clearly, and in a user friendly way. They have tabs that look like arrows to guide you through the quiz building steps, for example. It is just that the look and feel of the interface isn't quite as slick and modern looking as that of Leadquizzes. It isn't so much about functionality, but more about the 'quality' or 'classy' feel I get when using the service.

Look above. Do you agree? Which UI do you prefer?

Templates and Ready Made Content

Riddle trumps Leadquizzes here, in a massive way. Leadquizzes used to have templates, but have not yet implemented this feature at all in version 3 of their service. Riddle, on the other hand, has several great examples for every type of quiz they offer. This will really help you see how those more complex quiz styles work in the backend. Riddle also allows you to fully preview each of these examples before you add it to your account, which is a great touch.

Riddle has some excellent examples to get your started!

In terms of customizing the look and feel of your quizzes, both offer similar amounts. Both are pretty basic, allowing you to change fonts, colours and adding a background image.

Working with Questions

If you look again at the UI pictures above, you will see that both platforms have a similar approach to adding and arranging questions. The questions take the form of boxes, that you can easily add, take away and arrange in the way you want. Leadquizzes approach is slightly better, as they have a clear start, middle and end section marked out for your quiz. Both tools do let you preview your work as you go along, which is good!

For both Leadquizzes and Riddle, when you want to make a clear result to a quiz, this takes the form of a category that you can place quiz takers in after they answer questions in a certain way. Riddle lets you have more control over this, by letting you choose the weighting given to different answers. Riddle also gives you the option to place call to action buttons throughout your quiz too.

Branching Logic

I frankly don't know what Leadquizzes were thinking here. Even after taking the effort to update to a new software version, they still have one of the worst examples of branching logic I have seen in a quiz product. You will end up with your questions all nicely ordered, as you see below. By when you want to start implementing the 'logic jump' (what they call logic branching on their platform), you need to start adding text rules. These get real confusing real fast. And then after you add this logic jump, you will get a tiny icon that turns blue to show you that it exists. Yes, it is possible to make complex branching in Leadquizzes, but the un-intuitive way you need to do it will take you a long time to master. When you can't easily see the overview of all the branches on one page, it gets confusing and frankly frustrating. Click on the screenshots below to view full screen and see for yourself!

Now look at this screenshot below of Riddle's branching logic, and tell me which one looks easier to grasp?

This mind map approach that Riddle has works way better in my opinion. You can see all the connections you have made with a quick glance. The blue squares notify questions, red are final results, with green showing when you jump to another question. This is like child's play, and will make complex logic branching so much easier to manage.

A/B Testing

Both of these services don't offer A/B testing at the time of writing. You can duplicate quizzes and do manual A/B tests, but nothing officially within their system. Leadquizzes used to have this option, but it is not yet implemented in version 3. If you need a quiz builder with the ability to A/B test, you can check out my review of Thrive Quiz Builder.

White Label Quizzes?

Leadquizzes allow you to take out their branding and include your own on any of their paid plans. Riddle offer the same, but you need to be on the pro tier sub to enable this.

The End Result?

Both Leadquizzes and Riddle have great end results, quizzes that look very clean and professional. Riddle just has some more interesting quiz types, with more interesting animations and effects to match.

Embedding the Quiz

As you would imagine, both companies have made an effort to make sure they give you all the options you need to get the best end result for your quiz. You can embed these quizzes anywhere that lets you add custom HTML. I like the fact that Riddle are already helping you make your quiz AMP ready, and generally seem to have slightly better options. 



Leadquizzes have some great marketing options when you are embedding your quiz. They allow you to add different types of website popups to your quiz, to market your quiz and encourage people to take it. This even includes a popup when a user tries to leave the page.

Reporting Tools

For anyone in marketing that uses quizzes, they want to get feedback on how their work is doing. Are there problems that need to be fixed? Are users dropping off their quiz too early? This is why reporting tools are so important on these platforms.

The one special feature that Leadquizzes has is the ability to show exact responses from every quiz taker. Other than that, they have a solid suite of information on their reporting page, but nothing mind blowing.

Riddle, on the other hand has more detailed information, and they present it in a more easily digestible way. You can easily glance through the page to get a good insight into how your quizzes are doing. These results can also be converted to a PDF format within the platform.

The Riddle Results page is Long!

The Price

This is an interesting area, as both companies are going for totally different approaches here. Leadquizzes are going for a super simple approach to pricing. The only price limiting factors are the number of websites you can use and the traffic to your quiz. It's real easy to get a feel for the Leadquizzes pricing and which tier would suit you.

Riddle is on the total opposite side of the scale. You have to be very careful to check all the features of Riddle that you want and go for the corresponding plan. Although it can seem quite daunting, they have an excellent tool on their pricing page. Simply scroll down to the 'all features' section. You can see an incredibly detailed description of the features of Riddle, and which plan has those features included.

Although they present their pricing in two totally different ways, Riddle actually offer the better value proposition in general. There are some small wins for Leadquizzes, like being able to white label a quiz even at the lowest tier. But, generally, you will find more value in what Riddle has to offer.

Which One Would I Recommend?

I have been really disappointed by the implementation of version 3 of Leadquizzes. Whoever decided to take it out of Beta so early, and into full release, has made a massive error in my opinion. There are too many missing features in the Leadquizzes service, something that is not reflected enough in the price. In fact, the feature set is so limited, I would rather go for Thrive Quiz Builder over Leadquizzes right now, The logic branching is horrible too in Leadquizzes, and made me want to tear what little hair I have left out!

Riddle, on the other hand, offer a more feature complete service for the price. If you want to make marketing focusing quizzes, Riddle gives you some really creative options. Some of the most creative I have ever seen, in fact! Quizzes are all about engaging your audience. A Riddle quiz, with the variety and creativity it offers, will definitely do this way better than the competition it's up against today!

I can literally see no reason to recommend Leadquizzes over Riddle at the time of writing, it's that clear of a win for me! They are living off their past glories, and need to get their act together if they want to become relevant once more!

What do you think? If you have a different opinion, we would love to hear all about it in the comments section below.