Quiz Cat Review

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Jun 01

Quiz Cat Review

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WordPress Quiz Plugin


Free/$29/$49/$99 a year


Offers the ability to make simple quizzes for a WordPress Site. Free option could be a good choice for some, but paid tiers are lagging behind competition.

Welcome back to another SEO Quiz Master article...well this time it’s a review. In our quest to find the best online quiz making application (mainly for WordPress), today we are reviewing Quiz Cat by Fat Cat Apps.

As we have talked about before on this website, Quizzes are a great tool to increase engagement and generate opt in leads. Conversion testing has led many to believe that quizzes help increase their conversion rates. The fact that people are talking about "quiz funnels" should tell you a thing or two!

Quiz Cat has been around for a while, taking the form of a WordPress plugin. Even though Quiz Cat is no spring chicken, it is great to see that Fat Cat Apps are still regularly updating their quiz builder. As this plugin is available through the WordPress plugin marketplace, it was also great to see the developers active in their support forums, answering questions and helping users solve issues.

Quiz Cat Review: Quiz Funnel contender?

How do I install Quiz Cat?

As Quiz Cat is a WordPress plugin, it is easy to install, You can search for it on the WordPress plugin marketplace, and install in the same way as other plugins.

Once installed, you will find an extra quiz cat menu in the admin panel of your website.

From here, you can create and manage your quizzes.

How Much does Quiz Cat cost?

Before I get into the different product tiers, I want to make a point about the Fat Cat Apps website.
On there, they have a table that shows the different Quiz Cat prices. However, they do not clearly state that this is a yearly subscription on this table. The first time I perused their website, I actually assumed this was a one off payment. It was only when I read in their frequently asked question, a question about it being a subscription service.

In my opinion, they should make this clear on their pricing table. A mislead customer (whether intentionally mislead or not) is not a happy one. The fact that they feel the need to write about it in the FAQ section, tells me that many consumers are currently confused by this.

You can stop paying for the subscription and still have access to quiz cat, but you loose all support and updates at this point. With website security alway an issue with out of date plugins, using this application when it is out of date might not be the best idea. Therefore, I will treat this as a subscription product.

Also, they don’t make any mention of the free version available on the WordPress plugin marketplace. Again, I find this choice a bit strange.

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With that out of the way, lets talk pricing!

Quiz cat has a free tier, that is easily available by downloading their plugin on the WordPress plugin marketplace.

With this free tier, you can make simple mutiple choice quizzes with set answers. The quiz taker gets a result at the end of the quiz, telling them how many answers they got right or wrong.

You can add images to each question too, which is a nice touch.

This is more than enough to create a simple results based quiz on your website.

The first paid tier is called Personal and costs $29 a year (for use on 1 website)
For this, you get the ability to make quizzes that are slightly more complicated than with the free version. This enables you to make such things as personality quizzes. This basically means that you can group quiz takers into a category based on how their answers scored. You are essentially adding tags to each answer, and using this to group people into a category at the end. In the paid tiers, you can add images to each question's answer if you wish, which certainly makes the quizzes look more professional.
You also have the option for people to share your quiz through social networks after completing a quiz.

The Business tier costs $49 a year (for use on up to 3 websites)
You get all the features of the personal tier, along with a few new options. You can integrate your quizzes with several auto responder email marketing services. The list is pretty impressive, although not as impressive as the recently reviewed GetSiteControl. It should be noted that as well as the 9 auto responders they currently support, they do accept requests for other ones on their WordPress support forum. It could take a while for them to add these though.

You also get access to their full analytics and stats pages from the Business tier onwards. This will help you to monitor quizzes taken and results gathered.

Finally, this tier introduces you to the ability to export the quiz results into a spreadsheet.

The most expensive Elite tier costs $99 a year (for use on unlimited websites)

Along with all the previous features and the fact you can use it on unlimited websites, you get the ability to integrate your quizzes with Facebook Pixel and broaden your quiz scope to this social platform.

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Is Quiz Cat easy to use?

During this Quiz Cat Review, building our quizzes within WordPress was a pretty simple and straightforward affair. After you have made your questions, you can drag them around to change the order too.

Apart from adding images, there aren’t really any options to further customise the look of your quizzes. You can’t even change the colours, so you had better like the look of their quiz template!

You do have a quick preview button, to see how your newly made quiz looks and feels.

When looking at features, Quiz Cat is missing one big feature that a lot of other quiz builders are including. This is the ability to make an interlinking web of questions using branching logic.
A recently reviewed competitior, Thrive Quiz Builder, does include that option and it is a powerful one for most internet marketers.

I also don’t see the ability to run A/B testing easily with quiz cat, something that a lot of marketers like to do with their quizzes these days.

You can’t seem to control the behaviour of the quiz. On most modern quiz apps you can set a quiz to pop up after a certain time, for example. Quiz Cat doesn’t have any option to target specific visitors to your site either. It will appear for everyone who clicks onto the page with the quiz on it.

Finally, I don’t see any mention of mobile specific settings. The quizzes do seem to look OK on mobiles during my limited testing. But, if they don’t, I don’t see any way to change this. In an age where mobile responsiveness is everything, this is a key consideration.

The Conclusion

I feel that Quiz Cat has been slightly left behind in the world of online quizzes, especially when they are designed for online marketing.
Quiz Cat does make it easy and intuitive to make simple quizzes, and the design looks crisp and clean. However, the lack of design customisation options are telling. If you don’t like the styling of the quizzes you can’t do anything about it!

Quiz Cat does still have some aces up its sleeve over similarly priced competition. From the $49 Business tier and up, being able to export your quiz results to a CSV spreadsheet file is a real plus. The $99 Elite tiers integration into Facebook is also something we don't see a lot of competitors doing at this price point.

However, this is not enough to save Quiz Cat from its current rivals.

The lack of features such as mobile optimisation options and A/B testing are showing the products age and relevance.

So are the lack of targeting and quiz behaviour options, something we see in a lot of the competition.

For me, the biggest detraction compared to it’s competition is the fact that you can’t make responsive quizzes, that direct people down different paths based on their answers. Branching and logic with quizzes is a no-brainer feature for me in 2018, that all paid quiz applications simply must include.

When you look at the price compared with it’s main competition, I feel that Fat Cat Apps need to make significant improvements to stay relevant.

For a one off fee of $67 dollars, I can get a fully featured copy of Thrive Quiz Builder, that I can install on one website. This includes full updates for the life time of the product and one year of customer support.

Then Quiz Cat (which currently misses some key features mentioned) would cost you $49 a year for anything like a comparative feature set. Ok, it can be installed on 3 websites, but it still misses some key features of its competitor mentioned here.

I haven’t lost all hope though. As I said earlier, Fat Cat Apps are very actvive with their community. I am confident that at some point they will work on updating their featureset to better match the competition. Maybe ,a number of year ago, Quiz Cat would be considered a top online quiz option for marketers. For me, in 2018, is it quite far off the mark.

The only compelling reason I see to install Quiz Cat, would be for people that just want a simple and free quiz on their website. For this, Quiz Cat would be great.

Otherwise, you would only choose Quiz Cat if their feature set better matched your sites requirements.

I will be keeping my ear to the ground for updates. When Quiz Cat does get significant updates, I will look to do a re-review.

Until then, I simply can’t recommend the paid tiers of Quiz Cat over such competitors as Thrive Quiz Builder.

If you have any experience of Quiz Cat, I would love to hear your feelings below.

Thank you for reading our Quiz Cat review!

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