Thrive Quiz Builder VS Quizitri; Which is Quiz Funnel King?

By TheQuizGuy | Quiz Product Reviews

Jun 13

Thrive Quiz Builder VS Quizitri Review

Those of you that have been following my website will have seen that we have already looked at a good number of quiz building apps.

In recent years, quiz building has become an integral part of online marketing and a lot of people swear by these as online lead generation tools or to improve conversion testing. Conversion rate experts such as Neil Patel have been driving this, pretty much!

I don't want to go into the details of why quizzes are so important for online marketing in 2018, instead I will direct you to these previous articles:.

That allows us to get on with the job at hand, a fist fight between the old hand in quiz building (Thrive Quiz Builder) and the new kid on the block (Quizitri).

Both of these products were recently reviewed, and in my opinion, offer the best products at this price point in the industry currently. So, it was only natural that I would want to compare them head to head!

The History

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a quiz building application made by Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes was co-founded by Shane Melaugh. They have been around in the website building niche for quite a while now, making many WordPress themes to improve your website.

Not only this, but they specialise in making online lead generation tools and tools to help you convert better. They actually focus on internet marketing as a niche for their products.

Along with Thrive Quiz Builder, they have made a string of top tier WordPress plugins, such as Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads. 

Thrive themes aim to make their products as user friendly and easy to use as possible. They also back up their products with a massive amount of tutorial articles and videos. They have an excellent and very active YouTube account, for example.

As a current user of their products, I can attest to the fact that Thrive Themes are regularly improving and updating their products, to keep them as much at the cutting edge of internet marketing as they can!

Architect Labs

Who? Yeah, these guys are not as established or well known as Thrive Themes. 

It is hard to pin down their exact history, but the main man over there is Andy Fletcher. Like Thrive Themes, he has been targeting the online marketing niche with his products.

The biggest recent release was a funnel building product called Convertri. The problem with Architect Labs and Andy Fletcher is that they use affiliate marketing networks such as JV ZOO to promote their products. I don't have anything against JVZOO and affiliate marketing, as long as it is done right! Unfortunately, in Convertri's case, it means it is literally impossible to get a real review on the product, just a lot of excellent reviews from people that only want to get their commission. This is obvious, as many of them just cut and past information from the sales page or other material provided by Architect Labs. The only thing that I could find that seemed real was this review on the UK version of Yelp.

That was a pretty damning review, but you can't really go off just one! Anyway, it's hard to really gauge the quality of the companies past products.

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Get to the chopper!!

So with the groundwork done, lets actually get to comparing the two products.....


By this, I mean the way that the quizzes are delivered online!

Thrive Quiz Builder has opted for the WordPress plugin route, which means that the application can only be used on a website built on that platform. As WordPress is by far the biggest software used by internet marketing people, I don't see this as a major problem. Do you?

Quizitri has gone for a website based approach, in that you access and make quizzes through their website portal. The great thing about this, is it means you can use their quizzes in multiple places that allow you to embed HTML code. The number of websites you use them on is also not limited, which is great. The problem I have with this, is you don't own a physical product, so if the website was to be taken down, you would not be able to use this service.


I would say that both products have a very similar feature set. They both offer the ability to create great looking online quizzes easily. They both go for user friendly user interfaces. Both products offer branch and logic options when making quizzes. This means you can send a user down a specific path of questions based on their answers. Both have integrated social sharing into their quizzes. Both companies have made products which easily include internet marketing features, such as including opt in forms in the quizzes.

The main feature set is pretty much identical. However, there are some details that start to differentiate the products more.

Quiz Design

Regarding design, Thrive Quiz Builder goes for a "what you see is what you get" drag and drop style of quiz building. This means, that with a little practice, you could be easily building quizzes to your exact specifications. Other than this, they give you four templates to get started straight away.

The design side of Quizitri is a bit different. They offer more templates, but those templates are static and, once selected, can't be changed. In fact, there is no ability to create your own design from scratch. Some people may like the template approach, but it has its problems. For example, while designing a quiz, I didn't like the style and size of the text used. There was no way to change this, so I was stuck with it. The other thing to note, is that the main bulk of these templates are hidden behind a $69 paywall, basically doubling the price of Quizitri.

Other than that, both Quizitri and Thrive Quiz Builder will produce similar quizzes. For example, both allow you to add images to your quizzes.

Branching Logic

As stated earlier, both products have this feature, but the implementation is different!

Quiz funnels, recommended by conversion rate experts!

The picture above shows how branching logic is handled in Thrive Quiz Builder. It is a simple drag and drop process, making your quiz look like a mind map. What this means, is it is very simple to keep track of your questions, the answers and how they branch. Even if you make a complex quiz of this nature, this way of presenting it makes the organisation much clearer and easier to understand at a glance.

The same can't be said of Quizitri.

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In this application, the branching elements are created when you make the questions. You choose the next question in the branch from a drop down menu. What this means, is it is hard to see at a glance how each question is connected and can get quite confusing. Just by looking at the two pictures above, I am sure you can see how much simpler and more intuitive the Thrive Quiz Builder implementation is. When using Quizitri, I found myself easily confused and trying to track down the different question paths. 


The Thrive Quiz Builder api integrations are an impressive list of a lot of the popular products used in internet marketing currently.

There are too many to list, so you can see the list here:

Quizitri does include integrations for seven or so of the popular products, but this is an area they definitely lose out on currently.

API integration is such an important area, as it allows you to seamlessly build your email lists directly from a quiz opt in form. Quizitri needs to do some work here to catch up!

A/B Testing

This has become a key feature in a lot of internet marketing products of late! Allowing a user to quickly and easily compare and tweak different campaigns that are aiming at the same result.

This is a key difference between Thrive Quiz Builder and Quizitri. In that, Thrive have seamlessly integrated the ability to do A/B testing into Thrive  Quiz Builder, whereas Quizitri haven't. It may be possible to find a way to do this in Quizitri, but it will likely be a lot more complex and harder to track.

Quizzes are great for conversion testing!

As you can see above, Thrive Quiz builder has this feature integrated and tracked within the application itself. I am actually quite surprised that Andy Fletcher and his team at Architect Labs didn't think to add this, as it is a no brainer for most online marketing people in 2018.


Quizitri have said in their marketing material that they will include analytics, although I can't see from accessing their product how this works. I am a computer literate person and, if I can't see how their analytics work, it must not be very obvious or user friendly. It might not be implemented yet. If this changes after the product has been launched a while, I will look to update this review.

I even went to the Architech Labs Knowledgebase, inside the Quizitri product, and saw no mention of analytics or how they work.

Thrive Quiz Builder has a great set of reporting tools, which are easily and clearly available from the quiz building dashboard. You can see an example of this below.

Conversion rate experts agree! Quiz funnels are the way to go!

Analytics are SO important to anyone doing online marketing! Imagine you just set up a new quiz funnel for your conversion testing. Being able to see statistics on that campaign, compared with other ones is vital! Tracking how many opt in leads or sales conversions etc.


After looking at the features, we will now look at the make or break part of this comparison for most! The price!

This one can get pretty complicated, as there are multiple factors in play. 

Quizitri offers a price of $495/year, which is for full access to the product and ability to use their quizzes on multiple websites. 

Thrive Quiz Builder offers a licence per website price. $99/year  for one website and $299/year for five, for example. These are effectively one off prices, as they include full product updates for its lifetime. All they say is you only get one year of "premium support". Another option on top of this, is to get Thrive Quiz Builder along with the full suite of 9 other Thrive Themes WordPress plugins for as low as $25 a month (for use on up to 5 websites). This is called the Thrive Membership. If you want the full details on the membership option, click HERE to go to the official website.


After these two products have battled it out, let's see what the end result is!! Which one would be used in my quiz funnels? To get MY opt in leads??

Quizitri have done a fine job in creating a new and interesting entry into the quiz building arena. They have made a product which is easy to use and offers great flexibility in quiz sharing, for example.

However, they are up against a titan of a product in Thrive Quiz Builder. One which offers a smoother running product with some vital extra features that Quizitri doesn't include. The AB testing and improved method of quiz branching and logic, are just two examples of things that are essentials in this day and age of internet marketing.

And both products are at a similar price point, so ask yourself.......

Where would you rather spend your money? 

For me, I would always go for the well established brand of Thrive Quiz Builder. When you buy their product you know that they will be around for a long time to come. You can't say this about Quizitri, which is especially concerning when it is web based.

You get a more well rounded and regularly updated product to boot.

The thing that REALLY does it for me, is when you add in the Thrive Membership offer here. You can pay $25 a month for ALL of their products, including Thrive Quiz Builder. This suite of products is pretty much all an internet marketing pro needs to run a website. When I think of this, it is hard to consider any other products, let alone Quizitri! You can check out the Thrive Membership HERE! With a Thrive membership, you can put together a whole series of quiz funnels with this, not just the quiz itself! As well as up to 25 fully fledged and marketing optimised websites!

Whichever product you decide on, quizzes should be a part of your online lead generation tools for the foreseeable future! A part of your conversion testing in some way! You WILL see results 🙂

If you have used both products and have a view of your own, we would love you to tell us below! Which one would be in your quiz funnels? What has shown success in your conversion testing (or opt in leads testing)??