LeadQuizzes Review: Neil Patel = Buy?

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Jul 09

LeadQuizzes Review: Neil Patel = Buy?

Welcome back and thank you for reading another article! Today, we are (at long last) taking a look at LeadQuizzes, one of the major players in the marketing focused quiz world! As the title suggest, Neil Patel is all over their website. Could he be wrong? Well we aim to find out in this review. I have been playing around with this software for a while now, and it is a really interesting proposition in the world of online quizzes. 

Who are LeadQuizzes?

Surprisingly, Google doesn't give away that much about the history of Leadquizzes. And, they don't seem to have any 'About Us' section on their website or within their blog content. 

What I could work out is that LeadQuizzes is part of the company Yazamo. Actually, from what I can see from their website, Yazamo list only Leadquizzes in their products section. The co-founders of Yazamo are Dornubari Vizor and Jeremy Ellens. If you want to find out more about Dornubari, there is a nice little article I found HERE that goes more into his personal background. According to his Linked- in page, he was was able to grow LeadQuizzes from zero to over a million (dollars I assume) in six months. 

I was able to find some interesting details on Dornubari's business partner too. There is a great article by Leadership girl, where she interviews Jeremy and goes into some of the background of LeadQuizzes. It's a great read if you are interested in some background to the company. From this interview, we learn that the LeadQuizzes idea used to be a marketing agency, but they then decided to turn it into a software! Wider appeal and all that!

The feeling I get from Leadquizzes is, for some reason, similar to Click Funnels. Both have been hip new startups, that have been very successful in the online marketing space in the past few years. When you look at the Leadquizzes website, you also get a similar feeling from how they present themselves. This is helped by the presence of Neil Patel on quite a few of their promotional pages. Actually, Neil was one of the people that first got me into the idea of quizzes when I listened to a speech he did years back at an affiliate marketing summit. 

I think my main takeaway, is that Leadquizzes is a big company in the online marketing space, and one that is focused on helping you increase the marketing and online presence of your brand or website. They are a company you can trust to be around a long time. They have also set their product up to work with any type of business, from small website owner to a massive marketing agency!

What does LeadQuizzes offer?

Leadquizzes offer the ability to make marketing focused quizzes and make them widely available online. Here are some of the key features to consider:

Different Quiz Types

As you would imagine, Leadquizzes lets you choose between a variety of quiz types. These include personality, diagnostic, trivia, and true/false based quizzes. Pretty much whatever quiz you could imagine to promote your business is available here.

Branching Logic

LeadQuizzes allow you to create questions with branching logic. This means you can ask specific questions based on answers your quiz taker has already given, for example. This gives you the ability to really tailor your quiz content to the user, and find out more about their exact interests and such like. This can be vital information when it comes to marketing to these people after they have taken your quiz!

A Variety of Ways to Host and Drive Traffic to your Quizzes

Leadquizzes will let you host your quiz on their servers if you would like, as well as embed into a wide variety of places online, from websites to Facebook. LeadQuizzes also let you integrate with some key marketing services, such as the Facebook and Quora pixels. This allows you to sync up your marketing efforts easily when using these services. They even include a website popup option with their product, allowing you to market your quiz easily within your website.

Lead Capture

Leadquizzes has lead capture functions built into the software, making it easy for you to capture email information, for example.

Website Popups

Leadquizzes let you add website popups to your quiz, to help you better market them on your chosen site. This includes exit intent popups, and the ability to tweak the behavior of any popup you make.


Leadquizzes offer a comprehensive reporting service for any quiz that you make active. This goes down to even some of the finer details, such as the individual answers people gave to questions. This information is important for anyone interested in analyzing the numbers of their quizzes and working out where they are going right (and more importantly) wrong!

A Wide Range of Integrations.

As I suggested above, Leadquizzes have build in easy ways to integrate other services you may be using. The list is pretty extensive, including tools as far ranging as Google Docs to Mailchimp! These integrations are very important for the modern world of internet marketing, where we use so many different apps and services in our business.


They have a LeadQuizzes Academy available for free on their website (you just need a LeadQuizzes account). OK, it isn't a massive course, but it will certainly make sure you are getting the most out of the service. The only downside with this free training, is that it is a little old and is using an older user interface. Although, it should be pretty straight forward to work out in the new one. Not a perfect situation, but hey it's free!

The knowledge base articles available to members are also excellent, covering a wide range of issues and problems a user might encounter. And, as you are designing quizzes, you will see a little help button ('get started now') that is always available. If you click on it, you will see quick access to related help articles. I really like this, and it will get even the newest people started quickly (hence the 'get started now' tag!!).

There is also a podcast run by Leadquizzes called Journey to Seven Figures, which would run alongside any use of their product well. Even if it is just for inspiration!

How much is LeadQuizzes?

Leadquizzes is a subscription based service. So you have to have an active subscription in order to use their service and have your quizzes active. As soon as this runs out, everything you made will be disabled until you signup again.

As you can see below, they start at $29 dollars a month for use on one single website and up to 10,000 visitors a month. Then you can go up to $67 dollars a month to get their 'Business' tier and use LeadQuizzes on up to 5 websites. What I like here, is you can then get unlimited visitors and leads on your quizzes at this tier. If you want to make quizzes for other people, you will have to contact LeadQuizzes for an Enterprise and Agency tier custom price.

In terms of cost, Leadquizzes is up there in the more expensive bracket of quiz builders that can be used for marketing. I wouldn't say it is horribly expensive, but it definitely puts them in to the more serious user bracket. It is good that they have a 14 day free trial for you to test out their product first before you commit.

How is it implemented?

Website Based

The key part of LeadQuizzes implementation, is the fact they operate as a website only based service. This means you log into their membership portal to make (and arrange to share) your quizzes. Many of the competitors use a different approach, that of a WordPress website plugin. The advantage of this is usually the content is based on your site. Whereas, with LeadQuizzes it is based on their servers and thus needs an active subscription to work. The upside is that you don't need yet another plugin on your WordPress website for LeadQuizzes to work.

High Grade User Interface

First impressions of this tool are excellent. They have a very well designed user interface and slick member portal for you to use. This makes it a smooth experience to make and manipulate your quizzes here. This is a great achievement if you think about how many features they need to cram into this UI experience!

The Quiz Building Process

Clearly, this is one of the most important parts of this software, as making quizzes is the whole point of it! As stated above, LeadQuizzes have designed a really nice user interface, which makes everything you need to access during this process clean and easy to see. You really feel like you are using a quality product.

The Look of the Quiz

This is one area of LeadQuizzes that surprised me. There is only really one design that you can tweak. When I say tweak, I mean change some colours and fonts. That is pretty much it! They used to have numerous templates for you to use as a starting point, but this is not currently the case! As you can see below, the results of a LeadQuizzes quiz are still pretty good looking. But it is just a shame the customization options are so limited. We are all going to end up with very similar quizzes! Templates are also a great way to see what different types of quizzes look like in the backend. Hopefully, they will re-add this feature soon.

Adding and Managing Questions

As soon as you start a quiz, you are presented with the overview screen shown above (in the section about UI). This gives you three main elements of a quiz to fill in. The start screen, the content elements (such as questions) and finally the results. You can easily see and add the available elements from the left hand side. Simply drag and drop the ones that you want onto your quiz and configure. It is a simple and intuitive design which works well. I was able to quickly start building out the questions of my quiz without much fuss.

Anytime that you drop a question into the content section of your quiz, some options become available to map your questions to results, and add some logic branching. For me, this is where the LeadQuizzes experience started to fall down. Linking the answers people give to the end results works well. You create the different results pages by dragging them to the results area on your overview. Then, the process of linking each question is simple. But the logic branching is a mess.

All of your questions are lined up in a row and can be be re-ordered by dragging if needs be. However, all of the logic branching is done by setting up text based rules. For me, it is much more confusing to set up logic branching in this way. A visual drag and drop and linking overview would have been much easier to use. I am disappointed in this, as the earlier evidence was that LeadQuizzes were good at designing their UI! They have dropped the ball here! I have used other text based branching logic before and managed, but this implementation was cumbersome for me. If you HAVE to go with a text based system, at least make a good one!

A/B testing, which used to be a feature, is not currently available. This is also a major let down for me and probably most marketers!

Another thing to note is that the end results available in Leadquizzes is pretty basic. No ability to add weighting to specific questions or come up with varying ways to calculate an end result!

On a more positive note, it is easy to add other content in between your questions if you want. In this example, I added an image in between as a teaser. Simply drag them into the position you want.

Other Things to Configure

After designing the look and content of your quiz, you will then be prompted to complete some other important options. The configure tab lets you add a meta tag to your quiz for use in search engines. You can also set up links to your privacy policy and cookie warning related options here without much fuss.

Embedding the Quiz

When building your quiz, you will see a share section where you can get the embed code for that quiz. There are some options you can choose to slightly tweak this and get the end result you want. When I used this on one of my websites, it worked great. This may vary depending on the theme used on your website though. Custom HTML embedding of objects is usually a simple thing in most website builders, so I am sure most people will find this process easy.


The final tab you see when building a quiz is the 'reports' tab. This is where all the results are collated and analysed for the quizzes you make. You can see how many people took your quiz, the answers they gave and even how far they got (essential for seeing where people are dropping off). I like the bar at the top which will quickly show you the key metrics, to help you decide if you need to dive deeper.

On the subject of results, in order to get these you will have to embed the LeadQuizzes code in the header of your website. For most seasoned website owners, this should be easy. But for the less experienced this may prove to be a bit of a headache. If you are using a WordPress website, I would just search for a 'script' installing plugin to make the process smoother.

What do I like?

The look

Although there are limited customization options available, the quizzes still look clean and professional in nature. Everything is well proportioned and laid out.

The UI

As stated above, the user interface is generally excellent and simple to use. This is what modern UI should look like.


The amount and quality of quiz results you can get here is excellent. You can really get a great idea about the success or failure of your quiz.

Complete Package

They even give you the ability to make website popups with their software, and collect emails. All right inside LeadQuizzes.

What do I not like?

Logic Branching

The decision to go with a text based system for logic branching is a total disaster. Much time will be wasted trying to line up all of your attempts at branching. You will get faster with time, but a simple drag and drop overview with a 'connect the dots' system of branching would have made it so much simpler!

Need a sub to continue

Everything is hosted on the LeadQuizzes servers. Yes, there are upsides to this. But the downside is that when you stop paying your subscription your content will no longer be active. You have to be sure you like this product, before you start using it extensively.

Feature Rollback

I can't believe that features they once had no longer exist. Not having templates and A/B branching, when they had it in previous versions, is almost criminal in my eyes!

What's the final verdict?

I have to say that this is one of the most disappointing reviews I have ever done (not only on this website). Before doing this review, I was looking forward to experiencing LeadQuizzes very much. I expected it to be as epic as ClickFunnels is to funnel building! Maybe the hype had gotten to me! Don't get me wrong, they do a lot right. The UI design is generally excellent. The analysis you get from the results of your quiz top notch. But, they messed up the most important part, the questions!

My current feelings on Leadquizzes 3!!

Why would someone subscribe to Leadquizzes. Likely because they are (or want to become) regular users of quizzes in their business. When you are doing this, and paying substantially for it, you would probably want to use the logic branching and A/B testing features. One of these is clunky and the other is gone, so where does that leave us?

Considering the fact that this is a high priced product in the quiz building world, the downsides discussed here simply can't be tolerated. I would not recommend Leadquizzes in it's current state. Of course, I hope they improve their product over time, and I will check back at a later date to see if this is the case.

In the meantime, go check out my Thrive Quiz Builder review! It is a much cheaper and currently more feature complete option. The result tracking isn't quite as good, but I can live with that for now.

I did reach out to the LeadQuizzes support, and it seems they have recently updated to what they call LeadQuizzes 3. But why leave important features behind and open this up to the public in such a state. Surely keep with the old version until the new one is feature complete. Or at least has the key features in (such as A/B testing!!!) Someone over at LeadQuizzes needs to take a long hard look at themselves!

For Neil's sake, I hope he is not using LeadQuizzes right now!

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