Interact VS Riddle. Quiz Maker Showdown!

By TheQuizGuy | Quiz Product Reviews

Jul 26

Interact VS Riddle. Quiz Maker Showdown!

Welcome back! Yes, you guessed it! We are doing another head to head comparison review. This time it is for Interact Quiz Maker vs Riddle. Both of these quiz making products are ones that go under the radar somewhat. They are not the flashy, celebrity endorsing loud talkers in the room! They are the type that stand quietly in the corner doing their stuff. So, it will be even more interesting to compare them together.

Even if you don't agree with all of my assessments, hopefully this deep dive into both products will help anyone in the market for a quiz builder! There are more and more of these coming to the market every month, so the choice is definitely getting harder!

Interact and Riddle: Some Background to Start

When you look at Interact's official website, they don't mess around or try any convoluted ways of describing their service. They simply state front and center "Make a quiz to generate leads for your business." This is the main focus of their business, to make something that is so geared to collecting leads, that the whole process should run smoothly! And more leads will be collected! I have to say, that I was almost shocked to find out recently that Interact Quiz Maker is one of the oldest quiz building services around, certainly that I have heard about! 2013 feels like light years ago on the quiz marketing timeline! All this time, they have been beavering away, making the best quiz service they can!

Riddle actually came a year after Interact, in 2014. Still pretty old in this market! If we do the same as what we did to Interact Quiz Maker, and look at their website, they have a similarly simple tagline 'Quiz maker - Collect leads, Grow your business.' So, both services are pushing the whole collecting leads thing pretty hard. Like I said in my main review, I think Riddle needs to change their name though. Not that Interact Quiz Maker is anything that amazing as a brand name, but Riddle will make some people think they are a tongue twister website!! Search for riddle online and you will see what I mean!

Comparing Product Features

Content Type

This is one area of this particular quiz battle that plays out interestingly. Riddle have gone all out to make creative quiz content for their clients to use! I have said on numerous occasions that the quizzes you can produce with Riddle are some of the most original and creative I have ever seen in any quiz maker! This seems to be a major focus of the company, and my favourite aspect of Riddle by far.

To give you a taste for this, you can make a social story, which embeds quiz content alongside other elements of a blog post or content post. Also, you can make a quiz where the user has to tap parts of a picture in order to answer. Not only are the quiz styles amazingly well done, there have equally good animations and effects that are used to implement them.

On the flipside to this, Interact Quiz Maker go for a pretty stock experience to their quizzes. They have three main quiz types available. A quiz that tests knowledge, which they call the 'assessment' quiz. The 'personality' type which puts quiz takers into a category at the end, and finally a quiz which simply gives a score at the end as a result. When compared with Riddle, there really is no contest! Interact seems pretty thin on the quiz type front in comparison.


Both Interact and Riddle operate as online onl.y services, meaning that you have to log into their membership area in order to do anything with your content. The quiz making industry is pretty much turning this into the standard way of operating, which is a little sad! It is not always nice knowing that all your content is locked behind a paywall, that might become inaccessible if you stop paying your monthly fee! One exception of a quality quiz maker that is not website based, is Thrive Quiz Builder. You might want to check out my review of that if you are like me and don't like membership portal restrictions!

Marketing Features

As the introduction eluded to, both of these services allow you to collect leads by adding lead generation forms to your quizzes. I would say that the Interact form builder is slightly better designed and implemented than that of Riddle. Although it's pretty close. However, Riddle hits back with their own ability to add call to action buttons to your quiz from within their software. So all in all, both offerings come out pretty similar, and make the process of getting leads simple.

The excellent Interact lead form builder

However, Interact is far better in helping you market your quiz content. In fact, when you publish any content a screen will pop up asking you this very same question. It makes it easy to promote using such things as announcement bars, popups or even creating Facebook ads. All within their system.

Help and Support

As is the case with most of my quiz builder reviews, it's the tale of two chat bots! These chat bots operate in pretty much the exact same way. They act as the first point of call if you have a question or query about the platform, as well as acting as a quick way to access the help articles both companies have tucked away on their websites!

Interact's chat bot in full swing!

I would say that Riddle is the winner here, as I found that their response times were quite a bit faster. Also, the founders of Riddle can often be found on the other end of the chat bot. The level of service they offer is excellent, something I personally experienced after chatting with one of them for an extended period of time! On the other side, Interact had several occasions where it literally took them days to get back to me! They are not horrible, but Riddle proved to be more consistent here.

Both Riddle and Interact have put a lot of effort into their users initial quiz building experiences. Interact starts by literally asking you if you have ever made a quiz before, and sets you up with all the help you need. Both have a wealth of tool tips as you use their platform, Riddle even have some special messages from one of the founders, that give you tips on some key features on first use of their platform. So don't worry if you are new to quiz building, both of these services have you covered!

One of Riddle's special tool tips!


When talking about integrations, I am referring to native integrations made by the software platform. These are built in and fast ways to connect to other popular marketing applications.

Riddle is lagging behind Interact here, as they literally only have a couple of native integrations. Other than this, they are relying on Zapier to provide these easy connections, although this puts another cog in the wheel! More direct connections are preferable, and much simpler.

Riddle offer very little native integrations.

Interact are the clear winners here, offering a good selection of native integrations to other popular marketing software.

Interact has a good selection of integrations!


Both Interact and Riddle make it really obvious and simple how to be GDPR compliant with their software, with clearly marked GDPR related options. If you still need some help, they both also have excellent GDPR articles in the help section of their website.

Interact GDPR article CLICK HERE.

Riddle GDPR article CLICK HERE.

Getting Hands On

I like to talk about the user interfaces of both products during the first part of this section. In terms of look, I would say the Interact Quiz Maker UI is slightly more modern and sleek looking than what Riddle offers. Riddle has something which looks a little outdated in comparison, but certainly nothing awful!

In terms of functionality, both are again good. Everything is straight forward and easy to navigate. I would say that. for me, the Riddle UI is slightly ahead in terms of functionality. Riddle has some nice arrow shapes tabs at the top of the screen when quiz building, making it obvious what the flow of building is. There are times when they use less steps to achieve the same as Interact. For example, in interact you have to go to a new screen to re-order questions. In Riddle, you simply drag around on the same screen. These are nit picks though, as both UI's are pretty close!

Templates and Ready Made Content

Again, this is another area that is very close to call. Both have an excellent range of ready made examples for you to choose from. These offer any user the chance to peer into the back end of some of the more complex quiz types! 

I do have a slight preference for the way that Interact organises these templates though. You will be taken to a page to choose one or more industries that you want to work with. Once on the list of templates, you are given the option to sort these by conversion rate, which is a unique feature.

Working with Questions

Both platforms have a similar method when working with questions. You will see your questions and results pages on the left of your screen, and the quiz page in the middle. One cool feature Interact has, is to allow you to simply click and edit everything right on the quiz page. I like this, and it would be great to see other quiz builders follow suit here.

When it comes to mapping your quiz answers to results in category based quizzes, both make it simple. When looking at both implementations of this feature, I really like Interact's simple lines with arrows system of mapping (seen below). Although Riddle allows you to easily change the weighting of your answers to a given outcome!

Interact's visual correlations are great

As eluded to above, there are some situations where Interact has made some clunky design choices with their UI though. You will see some situations where this slightly hinders the speed of your building. You will see another example of this below......

Branching Logic

For once in a head to head review, I get to say good things about both of their Logic Branching systems! This really does make a change!

Both offer excellent visual mapping experiences when it comes to branching logic. It is so much easier to see all of your different branches on one page, making even the most complex combinations easy to handle. This is the beauty of a visual system!

Interact's Logic Branching

Riddle's Logic Branching

There is a minor win for Riddle's UI here though. It let's you edit the questions right on the same page, whereas Interact forces you to go back to the main quiz editing page every time you need to do this. When creating a logic branching quiz from scratch (something I do often), I found this very annoying, constantly jumping back and forth.

A/B Testing

Both products in this head to head review do not offer any in house A/B testing. This leaves you needing to manually copy quizzes and compare results yourself. If you want this feature built in to your quiz builder, you could try out Thrive Quiz Builder, one of the few quiz builders that does this feature well.

White Label Quizzes?

Both quiz makers let you make your own branded quizzes when you opt for pricing plans around the $50 a month mark. This is pretty good going for both, and is only made cheaper by Leadquizzes, another competitor on the market.

The End Result?

When talking about the beauty of quizzes 🙂 this is pretty much a personal thing. I much prefer the Riddle quizzes, as they often look more well put together. The creative quiz styles Riddle offers include some unique and fun animations and effects, which certainly helps with this feeling. Some aspects of Interact's quizzes look plain ugly to me, something that I have been disappointed in since using their platform. Look below, what do you think?

Interact quiz Maker


Embedding the Quiz

Riddle does have a robust set of embedding options to make sure you get the best possible outcome. However, Interact Quiz Maker comes out on top, as they also make it simple to embed your content using a variety of methods, from simple embedding to creating a social media post out of it. I am not saying it is impossible to do this with Riddle, but it not built in as part of their standard service.

Reporting Tools

This one is going to be a tough one. At the time of my Riddle review, I noted that they already had a solid set of reporting tools for any quizzes that you make. However, I was informed by one of the founders that they were releasing an update to this (which is probably out right now) which improves on this significantly.

Riddle already has a good set of reporting tools.

Therefore, although I would say that Interact currently wins this section of the head to head, by this time Riddle's improvements should have brought it in line.

Although both platforms offer similar information within their reporting tools, I really like the creative manner in which Interact presents it. They have a funnel diagram to show the flow of a quiz, as well as some pie charts to break down information about specific questions. This is some of the most creative reporting tools I have ever seen in any quiz product.

The Price

Both Riddle and Interact Quiz Maker are remarkably similar when it comes to price. Yes Riddle's top tier is a little more pricey, but for most people it will work out about the same. Both services are not overly restrictive about their pricing tiers either! What they choose to hold back for lower tiers seems reasonable when compared with other competitors. Just take a look at Outgrow, if you want evidence of this!!

I would recommend you scour the pricing tiers and compare how much you would pay in each service for the different features you need. This will help you decide which quiz builder best suits your business!

You can click on either images below to be taken straight to the official pricing page for further perusal 🙂

Interact's Pricing Tiers

Riddle's Pricing Tiers

Which One Would I Recommend?

Both Interact and Riddle offer an amazing quiz building service in their own way. When reading through this review, you would have seen multiple areas that have impressed me immensely about Interact and what they offer. But, for me personally, I would say that my preference is Riddle.

Marketing quizzes are all about interacting and engaging your audience. This is something that Riddle will allow you to do immensely well with all of its creative and imaginative quiz styles. You can make quizzes that your users may never have seen before. This will likely do wonders for your quiz engagement. This is getting increasingly important the more and more that marketing quizzes are being widely used. If a user starts a quiz that they have already seen many times before, it is far less likely to interest them enough to finish it. You shouldn't have this problem with Riddle!

There are other areas that favor Riddle too, but for me the quiz styles are the main reason I would opt for their service over Interact. It trumps a lot of the positives that Interact brings to the table, in my opinion.

To be honest, choosing a quiz builder is a personal decision when it comes down to it. Therefore, I would recommend you try out both platforms and see for yourself. 

Quizzes are all about engagement, and Riddle offers this in spades!