Outgrow VS Interact. Get your Quiz on!

By TheQuizGuy | Quiz Product Reviews

Jul 23

Outgrow VS Interact. Get your Quiz on!

Welcome back my fellow quizzers! Today, we will look at another fascinating head to head battle. We are pitting the previously reviewed Outgrow and Interact together, to see who will come out on top. We will go into detail about both products and compare the main features, and how they are to work with. When you are at the quiz making front line, you want a reliable and easy to use piece of software to get best results 🙂

Outgrow and Interact: Some Background to Start

Outgrow is a marketing focused interactive content platform that was started by Pratham Mittal and Randy Rayess. I have reviewed several quiz products that have been born out from friendships build at university, and this is one of them! I wish I met such people at university too!! Outgrow is one of the younger startups in the quiz building genre, having only been around since 2016. They have a mission to 're-invent marketing' and give users an alternative to some of the more direct styles of marketing commonly used. 

I was quite surprised to find out that Interact Quiz Maker has only been around since 2013, as (to be honest) they weren't a name that immediately became apparent when I first got into the quiz making market! Maybe I was just looking in the wrong places! But this makes them one of the elder statesman figures among a lot of their competition. And you know what I was saying earlier about people meeting at university!! This is another example of a company founded by university made buddies! To be honest, we don't know that Matthew Clark and Josh Haynam are buddies, but we do know they met at university! Interact markets their quiz service as being a great way to gather leads, as proclaimed by the main statement on their website "Make A Quiz To Generate Leads For Your Business." All pretty matter of fact stuff!  

Comparing Product Features

Content Type

Outgrow are going for a more interactive content style, which is not purely based on quizzes. These are the main content types they offer.

  • Calculators
  • Tests/Assessments
  • Chatbots
  • Polls
  • Giveaways
  • Surveys

This makes it an interesting match up, as Interact are purely a quiz based company. Yes, they do offer polls and giveaways. But these feel a bit light on content compared with what Interact offer in terms of quizzes. They have three clear quiz types available. Assessment (a test of knowledge), personality (a category quiz style) and scored(simple score based result).


As with most of these services (apart from Thrive Quiz Builder), both of these offerings are website based. You log into their membership portal to create and manage your content. This is all well and good, but just be aware that if you end your subscription or the company goes belly up, you have no way to access all the content you made! A lot of people don't seem to mind this, it seems! Personally, I like to have more ownership of my content, but it is a necessary evil for most!

Marketing Features

This is going to be a tough part of the review to call. Both of these services offer a lot when it comes to marketing. There are small wins on both sides, but overall I would call it a tie! Both have excellent features that  are pretty much the best offerings in this area from any quiz builder!

The highlights for Outgrow include an awesome promotional checklist. This is an incredibly extensive checklist to help you work out the best ways to promote your quiz, which comes with accompanying help articles for each part of the list! Whereas Interact help you to create a Facebook Ad from your quiz right inside the platform.

Both have excellent ways to quickly and easily add lead generation forms to your content. Outgrow has a neat feature to allow your users to login to Facebook for this. 

Both also have truly exceptional options when marketing your quiz online. You can have popups, greet/announcement bars and much more! Interact has a neat message that pops up when you publish your quiz, asking you how you wish to promote your content!

Help and Support

The first part of this section is another episode in "battle of the chat bots", as both of these services have chosen to use this method as the first port of call for their users to get in contact. And, in this battle Outgrow really has the best in the market! They say on their chat bot that they usually answer within five minutes, and I have to agree with this statement. Any time of day or night, I always got a swift answer from a real person. This is really impressive. Interact wasn't too bad in the grand scheme of things, but they seem particularly slow at weekends. I even had an experience of them having a long weekend off, leaving a message "back on Tuesday". So along side Outgrow, there really is no comparison.

The only downside is that, especially when you are first on the platform, the Outgrow chat bot is a little too over aggressive. Desperately trying to get in contact with you at every turn!

Both also offer excellent additional support from within their platform. Interact will start out by asking you if you have ever made a quiz before, and will encourage you to watch some introductory videos and read some key knowledge base articles. They also have multiple question mark icons throughout the quiz building process. When you hover over these, a pro tip will pop up with advice. Very neat.

Outgrow have a load of knowledge base articles to help you along too, as well as a cool 'ideas' spreadsheet that you can download if you are stuck for inspiration. 

Both platforms have really thought out their new user experiences, and have done a good job.


Both Outgrow and Interact have an excellent amount of quick and easy native integrations. Although with so many different pieces of marketing software out there, it doesn't guarantee they support the particular ones that you use. They certainly seem to have all the major ones covered here! Outgrow's list is a little longer than Interact's, so pip them to the post on this one.

Interact Quiz Maker's Integration list!

Outgrow has an impressive list of native integrations!


This is another area that is hard to split Interact and Outgrow. Both services have GDPR specific settings available on their platforms, to help you manage everything to be compliant. I like services that specifically label any GDPR options, and both do this well. They also both offer detailed blog posts to help describe how their platform is set up to allow GDPR compliance. I suggest you take a look to get a full picture of the options. Click below to do so...

Outgrow GDPR Help Article

Interact GDPR Help Article

Getting Hands On

I usually like to start by talking about the user interfaces, as these are an important factor when interacting with quiz services! I am going to sound like a broken record, but both Interact and Outgrow have excellent offerings here. Not quite up to the class leading Leadquizzes, but still up there as some of the best. Everything is clear and easy to see and understand. Sometimes, a little cluttered, but I still found both UI's very easy to get used to.

The only minor mark down for Interact is the fact they don't show you the overall flow of  the quiz building process, something Outgrow does by always showing the 'build' 'configure' 'analyse' 'performance' tabs visible at the top of the page.

Templates and Ready Made Content

Again, both of these offerings have excellent ready made content to get you started. Multiple fully fledged pieces of content you can use as a starting point. I particularly like how Interact has their templates sectioned up by popular industry types, making it easy to find something related to your business. 

I like the way Interact lays out their templates!

One thing to note though, is that Outgrow has both style templates and content templates, This will help you differentiate the design of your different pieces of content. Interact only has content templates, leaving the only style choices as simple things such as colour or font changes.

Working with Questions

Both services follow a similar way of working with questions. All the questions are on the left of your screen, and it is really simple to add, takeaway and edit these questions. I like the fact that, with the Interact Quiz Maker, you can simply click on the quiz page template and edit everything right on there. The only slight quirk with Interact though, is the fact that you have to go to a separate screen to re-order your questions.

Both platforms allow you to preview your quiz as you go, but Outgrow even has an option to see how it will look on mobile!

When it comes to mapping your answers to results, both platforms make this simple. However, I particularly like the visual manner that the Interact platform does this, with arrows physically showing the connections.

Again, small wins on both sides, but overall the question building experiences are equally great no matter which service you choose.

Branching Logic

This turns into a massive win for Interact, as they have gone for an excellent visual editor. This means that all of your branching logic paths can easily be seen on one page. You simply drag and drop the questions onto your branching logic editor, and connect as you see fit. As it is visual based, I found it easy to make even complex branching patterns.

The same thing cannot be said of Outgrow! On their platform, you need to manually add text conditions for each set of branching logic. This can quickly get confusing, as there is no way to easily see the overall picture. I have heard some people say to draw your logic branching out before you start (on paper), and then enter the details into your quiz builder. But why should we do this, when Interact showed it is possible to do all of this on the platform itself!

Interact's Visual Branching Logic

A/B Testing

Both Interact Quiz Maker and Outgrow do not offer any built in A/B testing functions. You would need to manually duplicate quizzes and look at the differences in results yourselves! If you need a quiz maker with this feature, you could look at Thrive Quiz Builder.

White Label Quizzes?

Outgrow don't allow you to get rid of their branding on your quizzes until the highest tier, at a whopping $600 a month. Whereas Interact only ties this feature to it's $53 a month Growth tier. Much more reasonable if you are on a budget!

The End Result?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this section is obviously quite subjective! For me personally, I much prefer the look of the Outgrow quizzes and other interactive content. As they offer style templates, you get a much more varied look to the content you make on that platform, and everything looks sleek and well put together.

When up against Outgrow, Interact's quizzes look rather low quality in comparison. I have been frankly quite disappointed by this! In fact, it is one of the lowest points for me on the whole platform! They don't look amateurish, I wouldn't go that far. But when up against other similarly priced products, Interact can't compete in my opinion.

Embedding the Quiz

Both products do very well here, offering a wide range of different ways to publish and share your content.  You can easily make announcement bars and popups on your website, for example. Both platforms back this up with excellent embedding options to make sure you get the best end result. Interact does well to even include specific options for embedding content on a mobile platform. As well as offering a plugin specifically for WordPress Websites. 

Reporting Tools

As we are getting close to the end of this review, you are going to get sick of me saying that these two offerings are so close! And it's the same story here! Both have full and complete reporting tools available after your content has been up and running for a while. In fact both offer some of the best reporting tools in the quiz building scene!

The only differences would be that Interact offers a slightly more visually appealing data set. I really enjoy looking at the graphics included, especially the visual funnel to show the completion rate of a quiz. This is really well thought out!

Outgrow then fights back with a unique feature of it's own. They have a performance tab which has an automated audit of your content, that will give you tips on how to improve what you have made. I have never seen such an awesome feature on any other quiz builders!

The Price

Both of these services do penalize for pretty heavily (to the tune of 40%) if you choose to pay monthly! If you are looking for a quiz builder that is not so bad for monthly subscriptions, you can check out Riddle. With that in mind, the prices I am quoting here are with the annual plans. When paying monthly, these services become much less attractive, especially in the case of Outgrow.

Interact is the better value of these two products, and they offer less restrictions on their tiered feature list. If you are interested in Outgrow, you will need to study the details of their pricing table intently. Nothing worse than finding out later that the feature you love is only in a tier out of your price range!

Look below, and you can click on the image to go to the full pricing table on their official websites.

Interact Quiz Maker Pricing

The mammoth Outgrow pricing table!

Which One Would I Recommend?

As you can probably tell, I really like both Interact Quiz Maker and Outgrow. They have taken great care to come up with exceptional quiz building platforms. Frankly, you can't fail to be impressed by either of them.

When trying to pick between them, it comes down to the simple question of what type of content you are interested in? If you are purely looking at quizzes, Interact would be the choice. If you want the option to make calculators and content within chat-bots, then clearly Outgrow is for you.

Other than this, if you are really picky about the visual look of your quizzes, you might want to steer clear of Interact! This is one area they should really work on as soon as possible, as they have some pretty poor looking quizzes in my opinion.

Also, Outgrow is an expensive and pretty restrictive product. But you are getting a top quality product for that price. They are one of the very few platforms to offer such a wide range of interactive content, probably one of the reasons behind such a high price.

Finally, if Branching logic is your thing, you would have to go with the more visual style of Interact Quiz Maker!! Text based branching logic is simply cumbersome and horrid! Sort it out Outgrow!

Which one would you go for? Maybe the best way is to play with both and come to your own conclusions!