Thrive Quiz Builder Tutorial. Build your best quizzes!

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Jul 01

Thrive Quiz Builder Tutorial. Build your best quizzes!

Welcome back. Today we will be taking a closer look at Thrive Quiz Builder and a full on tutorial on how to get the best out of it. As well as going over the different features of Thrive Quiz Builder, we will of course go over a full tutorial of how to build your first quiz. For those of you that don't know, Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin by Thrive Themes, that lets you build different types of quizzes to spice up your website and improve conversion rates. You can check out our full Thrive Quiz Builder Review HERE.

So on with the party!

What are the main features that Thrive Quiz Builder offers?

Before you attempt to make any quiz, you should be aware of the different options and choices that you will get during this process. Only start making your quiz when you are fully decided which options you want to go for. 

Quiz Style

The main thing to consider when making a quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder, is to decide what style of quiz you would like to choose. There are four choices:

  • Number: if you choose this style, your quiz takers will get a score for each quiz answer, and an overall number based score.
  • Percentage: with this style, the quiz takers answers will be made into a percentile score as the end result. 
  • Category: the answers your quiz takers give will put them into pre-defined categories.
  • Right/Wrong: as the name suggests, this style will tally your quiz takers score against predefined right answers.

All of these are pretty straight forward, and most are great for testing your website visitor's knowledge of different subjects. In terms of using quizzes for marketing purposes, I find the category style the most interesting. For example, the category quiz style allows for quizzes such as 'What type of person am I?', where the quiz taker will get an end result of a personality type category. In my experience, these quizzes do really well for website engagement.

Question Type

Just to clarify (in case anyone is wondering), all quizzes come with two question type options. Either multiple choice (text only) or multiple choice with images. So, shouldn't be too hard to choose 🙂

Quiz Templates

When putting a quiz together with Thrive Quiz Builder you can chose a pre-defined template. These templates simply use options available in the 'build from scratch' template, to make a quiz structure which is more suited to the following purposes:

Social Shares

When you choose this particular quiz template, it builds a quiz that will hopefully increase your social shares. The quiz will come with a splash page and a results page right out of the gate. The splash page is something you can place on your WordPress website to encourage people to take your quiz, and the results page is what you want quiz takers to share on social media upon completion of the quiz. An opt-in gate is not included, as you are purely going for social shares here and not email opt-ins.

List Building

As the name suggests, this template sets your quiz up to best capture email opt-ins from the people who are interested in your quiz. This will add the opt-in gate just before the results page in your quiz structure. If you choose this opt-in gate, and you plan to market your quiz to people in Europe, you should make sure that it is GDPR compliant.  You should go and check out THIS ARTICLE, which explains what this is well!

No matter what template you choose, you can add or take away features such as opt-in gates and splash pages yourself manually.

How to Install Thrive Quiz Builder on my Website?

For those of you that are new to Thrive Quiz Builder and their parent company Thrive Themes, now we will go over how you should add their quiz builder to your WordPress Site.

Thrive Themes have introduced their product manager plugin recently, which makes the process really easy. Simply log into your account on the Thrive Themes website, and go to your Member Dashboard. You will then be presented with the following screen:

Click the highlighted green text for the 'Thrive Product Manager Plugin.' Then upload the resulting download as a plugin on the WordPress website that you want to use the Thrive Quiz Builder on. 

When this install is successful, you should see the Product Manager menu and leaf icon in your WordPress dashboard, as shown in the picture on the left (above if you are on mobile!)

After you click on that menu, you simply have to log into your Thrive Themes account and select and download the product(s) that you want on this site. In this case, it will be Thrive Quiz Builder!

When the quiz builder is installed, you can access it from the Thrive Dashboard menu, which can also be seen on the dashboard of your WordPress website.

The whole thing is pretty simple, and is great if you are like me and own a lot of Thrive Themes products!

On with the Quiz Building

Now that you have an idea about installing the product and the different options you will have to make in the quiz building process, let's move on to how to actually build a quiz.

Actually, before we start that, let's talk about a simple setting a lot of people miss. By default Thrive Quiz Builder comes with some Thrive Themes branding on every quiz you make that says 'powered by Thrive Quiz Builder'. And, I see a lot of people asking online 'How do I remove powered by Thrive Quiz Builder?' It's actually simple. When in your quiz builder dashboard, simply go to settings and move the green toggle to off. No more 'Powered by Thrive Themes' branding for you!

When you first see your quiz builder dashboard, of course it will be empty without any quizzes in it! Simply click on the 'Add New' button and the process will start! Then you will see the pop-up below, asking you to choose your quiz template or choose to build from scratch. If you read the section above, you should know all about which option you want to choose already! 

You will then see a screen like this, which lays out all the details of the quiz. I will refer to this as the overview or summary page.

You are then prompted to choose the type of quiz you would like on this occasion. Read my quiz style section above to get a better idea about these options.

After this, the dashboard will prompt you to choose your quiz style (as in the design and look). When you do this, you can choose between 4 basic template styles from the pop-up seen below.

It is disappointing that they still only have four design templates, something I stated in my full review of Thrive Quiz Builder. However, if you are using a splash page or a results page, you will see a 'manage' button by those pages on your quiz overview page. By clicking this, it is possible to find an option to edit the design of these pages using the regular Thrive Themes editing tools.

Before getting into actually entering your questions, you might want to also create a social share badge. Essentially an image that your users can easily share on social media after seeing the results of their quiz. This will be the third option on the quiz overview page seen above. After clicking it, you will see five ready made designs or the option to start with a blank template (as seen below).

You should now look at the section on your quiz overview page titled 'Quiz Structure' to make sure you have the structure that you want.

Every quiz will have a questions page and a results page. The splash page and opt-in gate are optional, and any items not used can be seen as an option on the right hand side. So, in this example I am not using an opt-in gate. If I want to add one, I simply click that button on the right side of the screen. As I previously stated, here is where you can also 'manage' those pages and change their design if you wish.

Now (finally) on to the best bit! Making the questions. Simply click the 'manage' button under the 'questions' section on the 'quiz structure' screen seen above. You will then be presented with the main screen used to build out the questions within your quiz. Simply click 'Add Question' to add a question. Each time you do this, you can choose whether you want it to be a button style multiple choice question, or one with an accompanying image.

After choosing this, you then need to enter the question details as shown below.

As you can see, here you enter the question text and any description you want at the top. You can even add an accompanying image for the question. Then, type out the different answers with the values you want. In this example, I have done 1 for what I see as a correct answer and 0 for incorrect!

You will also see a 'Tags' option on the question page above. When you add tags, you can start giving text tags to the different answers for this question. When a user chooses this answer, they are associated with this tag. These tags are exported to your mailing list, if you have this feature setup. It allows you to segment your quiz takers by their interests.

Now this is where the real magic starts to happen! Each time you make a question, it becomes an object on the overview screen that you can start to drag around and position before or after other questions. You can start connecting questions to answers of previous questions too.

In my simple example above, I have connected (by clicking on the dot and dragging) the answer 33 from my first question, to the question "What is 9 divided by 3?" The potential of this is pretty awesome, being able to tailor the questions of your quiz exactly how you want, and only show certain questions to people who have shown an interest in this subject during their answers! I would recommend you play around with this for a while, and get used to its functionality. 

Please note that we recently made a new article giving more details on how to make different types of results pages. This would be a great help if you want to go more advanced with these!

How to embed my quiz on my WordPress website?

Now that you should have a fully working quiz, and all the pages designed how you want, the last step is to embed your Thrive quiz into your website.

There are two main ways to do this.

If you are using the Thrive Architect Page Builder by Thrive Themes, it is super easy. When building a page, go to your elements section, and simply search for the 'Quiz' element. As long as the quiz has been designed and stored on the same website, you will see all of the quizzes you have made here. Interact with it in the same way you would any other Thrive Architect element.

For everyone else, you can use the short code function. On the summary or overview page of each quiz, you will see the short code clearly displayed in the top right hand corner. See the screen shot below. Simply copy and paste this short code into your WordPress page when editing it. At the time of writing, WordPress has an 'insert shortcode' button to do this quickly and easily.

Now you can preview your quiz design, and go back and tweak anything you don't like the look of.

Remember, if you still haven't bought Thrive Quiz Builder, you can hop over to our review HERE,

or go straight to the Thrive Themes official website:

Thank you for reading this tutorial. We would love to hear any feedback you may have about how you found this tutorial. Was it easy to follow? We are always looking to improve, and value any feedback from the community!

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