Thrive Quiz Builder: Make a Cool Results Page!

By corrine | Tips on Quizzes

Jul 08

Thrive Quiz Builder: Make a Cool Results Page!

Welcome back to another article around Thrive Quiz Builder, the people's quiz builder! By that, I mean its actually affordable for the average website or blog owner. If you haven't read my review on this quiz builder, you should totally check it out! This article is another one where we are hoping to help you squeeze every last drop of features out of Thrive Quiz Builder!

Today, I want to talk about the results page in your Thrive Quiz Builder quiz. From my tutorials post, you might think this is a simple page to make. But there are some really sweet features of this results page that a lot of people don't know about! Below, you will see three ideas for different things you can do to make your results pages cool 🙂

Types of Results Pages available in Thrive Quiz Builder

Make a Custom Results Page

When you get your default results page as part of one of the quiz templates offered by Thrive, it will probably look something like this.

OK, usually there are three different template options. One with a social share badge included and two others. But no worries, if there are any elements you don't like you can simply delete and add any other elements from the Thrive Architect page builder (that it uses to let you edit the pages). Please note, these options will be even more if you subscribe to the Thrive Themes s Membership, as you will then have access to all their different products. For example, you would then have Thrive Leads, which would allow you to add a a lead generation element. I will put a note below if the feature I add is a part of an additional Thrive product.

Please note that in this section I am showing several elements that you could put in a custom results page. However, I have not added any real design or made any effort here. This is quite literally to show you some of the options. If you are good at design, you will of course get your page looking way better!

During this section I will be referring to different 'elements'. When you are editing your results page, you should see your elements menu as a panel on the right side of your screen. To see this, click the plus button, and then you can search for the element you want (to find it faster in the list). See the image below for a better idea.

Without any more waffling, here some ideas for things you could add:


This first idea could be really cool. The ability to add a custom audio clip to your results page. This can be made to autoplay too, so you could find some music that matches the theme of your quiz. I feel like this alone could add a great fun element to any quiz. Adding audio is easy, just find the 'audio' element in the panel described above. 

You will have three options. Either upload a custom audio file, or find something straight from Soundcloud or Spotify. You will then have the usual options, such as changing the layout of the sound clip on your page. As you can see below, with the SoundCloud option, you have the option to hide the user and/or the artwork, which is a nice touch.


Similar to the option for audio, but this time you can bring videos into your results page from such popular services as Youtube and Vimeo. There are also some styling options to frame your video. Below, I used the 'grey monitor' styling option.

Custom HTML

This is another common element I use in Thrive Architect often, the custom HTML. Here, I added a custom HTML to my quiz results page and inserted an Amazon affiliate link for an Amazon echo. Imagine being able to add a customised product at the end of your quiz, which is targeted directly at the typical user that would take this quiz. This option alone opens up a lot of avenues for your results page.

Social Share Buttons

Thrive has a couple of options you can add for social share buttons. One is the 'click to tweet' button with a pre-defined phrase for the user to tweet. The other is a more traditional set of social share buttons (as you can see below). There is also a Facebook comments element which is not shown below.

Pricing Tables

The Thrive page builder also has elements for pricing tables, which look very sleek and professional. Great for getting your quiz users interested in a related service or product you have on offer.

Lead Generation Box

You will need the Thrive Leads Plugin for this one, but it will give you the option of putting a lead gathering box right on the results page. This will be another way for you to collect emails, if you don't like the idea of adding an opt-in gate and asking for your quiz users email before they get their results. The only downside is that when collecting emails in this way, they can't be included in the A/B testing detailed below. This is only for the opt-in gate email collection option.

I also added an evergreen countdown timer from Thrive Ultimatum for good measure!

Contact Form

This would be great if you wanted to give your quiz takers an option to contact you. Marketers get great results when solving other people's 'pain points'. You could use this contact form to ask people to send you their pain points for you to solve. Simply drag and drop this element onto your results page and make sure to check the details on the contact form properties displayed on the left of your screen.

You can edit the different form fields here and choose which email the resulting messages are sent to. It is also nice to see that if you click the template at the top, you will have many options for different contact form styles build into the software.

Make a Dynamic Results Page

This is where things get fun! With Thrive Quiz Builder, they also allow you to add dynamic content. This means that you could have a different results page depending on the result of the quiz. Imagine the possibilities. For a category quiz, you could promote a specific product based on the category your quiz taker ends up in. Or show them a different video. The possibilities are endless. 

Setting up your dynamic content is actually pretty simple. The way it works is you can add an element to your results page that is called 'dynamic content'. If you are using a category based quiz, this content will be linked to those categories. Otherwise you will be asked to split your dynamic content into intervals. In the example below I used my 'Are you a Geek?" quiz from my tutorial page. This is a simple quiz right or wrong answer quiz, with five questions. Each question gives one point for the right answer. I could choose 5 intervals and have a different piece of dynamic content for each point score. I could set two intervals, one for a score of 1-3 and another for 4-5. You can set this up however you wish.

You can see in this crude example, I split my intervals into three. Thats why you see three green blocks below. The purple one is the one you are currently editing. For a result of two points, I added some content in the dynamic content box to promote a 'geek course'. You could then click the other two green bars in turn and add different content to promote to people with those higher scores. You can easily add and delete those green bars on the fly, as well as play around with the exact range of each bar (unless they are assigned to a category quiz). When you preview any pages with dynamic content, it will give you a small floating menu too, that allows you to see how the dynamic content will look like in its different states.

Hopefully, even with my hastily made example, you can get an idea for what amazing marketing you could do here 🙂

Make an A/B test Results Page

Want to test which results page gets you more social shares or more email captures (if you added that option to your results page!). Well, now you can with the A/B testing available in Thrive Quiz Builder. A lot of marketers love to A/B test, and it is great that Thrive build this function in! 

The process is also pretty simple. When in the 'manage' results page in your quiz, you should see a pretty obvious button that reads 'Add A/B Test variation'. You will then be asked to name your new page and hey presto, you should now see an additional draft results page in your 'manage' results page tab, as seen below.

They do a good job to warn you it is a draft page, with that big orange warning reminding you the page is not being sent any traffic. Simply click the blue pen icon on the right side to edit this page as you would any results page. You now have two differing results pages to test for performance.

Click the big green 'Start A/B test' button in the bottom right to activate this additional page. As long as you have content on both pages, you will then see this...

You can name your test, choose either an opt in or social share focused goal and decide the length and winning conditions of the test. When everything is setup, your results page overview will turn into a test area, showing you the results gathered so far. You can either wait for the winner based on the criteria chosen above, or end the test early yourself from within this page. A/B testing has never been so easy 🙂

We are all Result Paged Out!!

Well, that's your lot! Hopefully, you found some inspiration for how to make your quiz results page in Thrive Quiz Builder work for you. We would love to hear from any of you Thrive Quiz Builder experts out there if you added even more cool features to your results page. You can leave a comment below!

For those of you that are still on the fence about Thrive Quiz Builder, you can go check out the product on their official website.

If you are more interested in getting all the Thrive products in their membership option, 

Happy quizzing.