Best 20 Online Quiz Builders in 2024

Are you looking for an online quiz builder? Whether it’s for a buzzfeed style quiz, personality quiz or a professional survey, we have ranked these 20 Online Quiz Builders based on their features, style, usability and content.

Welcome to an extensive guide that unveils the 20 most remarkable quiz tools available, each designed to transform your website into an interactive hub of engagement and knowledge-sharing. In this article, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and unique qualities of each quiz tool, helping you make an informed decision about which one suits your website’s needs perfectly.

1. Interact Quiz Builder – Interactive Surveys and Quizzes

They have hundreds of fully customizable templates to choose from and you can start from scratch and write your own! The premade templates will still help you get a feel for what kinds of questions you can ask to engage your readers. And qualify your leads.  

They also have tons of options for integration plus you can embed the quiz anywhere on your website.

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2. Outgrow 

The Outgrow quiz maker is extremely easy to understand and use. The WYSIWYG builder lets you drag and drop elements and create the quiz you imagined within minutes. The best part is that it’s a no-code tool, hence anyone can create a quiz on Outgrow. You can create personality tests, product recommendation quizzes, trivia quizzes or scored quizzes.

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3. Google Forms – Simplistic Form and Quiz Creation

A favorite among educators and businesses, Google Forms allows for easy quiz creation and sharing. Integration with Google Workspace enhances collaboration.

4. Survey Sparrow – Enterprise Quiz Builder 

Survey Sparrow is a super customizable quiz tool that is used by brands such as Xerox, Honda, and Paysafe. Make visually attractive surveys with analytical reporting features that were easy to design and interpret. The results of surveys were also easy to analyze and they were usefully presented.Survey Sparrow can be used to gather customer insights and feedback.

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5. ProProfs Quiz Maker – Comprehensive Quiz Authoring Platform

ProProfs offers a wide range of quiz types, including scored quizzes, assessments, and polls. Its integration capabilities make it suitable for various educational and business scenarios.

6. Quizlet – Educational Flashcards and Quizzes

Ideal for educators and students, Quizlet combines flashcards with quizzes, aiding in effective learning and retention. Its collaborative features make it a powerful tool for classrooms.

7. Playbuzz – Captivating Interactive Content

Playbuzz specializes in interactive content, including quizzes, polls, and surveys. Its visually appealing formats enhance user engagement and sharing.

8. Riddle – Diverse Quiz Formats

Riddle offers a variety of quiz formats, from personality quizzes to polls. Its integration with marketing platforms makes it a valuable asset for audience engagement.

9. Qzzr – Engaging Social Media Quizzes

Qzzr focuses on creating quizzes that thrive on social media platforms. Its shareable nature and integration with social networks drive traffic and user engagement.

10. LeadQuizzes – Lead Generation Through Quizzes

LeadQuizzes specializes in quizzes for lead generation. Its features include customizable templates and integration with popular email marketing platforms.

11. Apester – Interactive Storytelling with Quizzes

Apester offers interactive storytelling tools, including quizzes and polls. Its immersive content formats enhance user participation and brand interaction.

12. Poll Everywhere – Real-Time Audience Engagement

Poll Everywhere enables real-time audience engagement through polls and quizzes. Perfect for presentations and events, it fosters instant interaction.

13. SlickQuiz – Feature-Rich WordPress Quiz Plugin

SlickQuiz is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create feature-rich quizzes. Its customizable options and responsive design cater to various website needs.

14. VYPER – Gamified Quizzes for Engagement

VYPER specializes in gamified quizzes that boost user engagement. With options for contests and giveaways, it’s a potent tool for increasing brand visibility.

15. Easy LMS – Learning Management System with Quizzes

Easy LMS combines quiz creation with comprehensive learning management features. Ideal for businesses and educators, it offers a seamless learning experience.

16. Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin

Quiz Cat is a lightweight WordPress plugin that simplifies quiz creation. Its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities make it a solid choice for website owners.

17. FlexiQuiz – Customizable Quiz Platform

FlexiQuiz offers a highly customizable quiz-building experience. With advanced scoring options and reporting, it’s suitable for education, training, and assessments.

18. Opinion Stage – Interactive Content Suite

Opinion Stage provides a suite of interactive content tools, including polls, surveys, and quizzes. Its engagement-driven features help increase user participation.

19. Woobox – Social Promotions and Contests

Woobox offers a range of interactive content, including quizzes, contests, and giveaways. Its social media integration enhances reach and user engagement.

20. Formidable Forms – Versatile Form and Quiz Builder

Formidable Forms allows you to create customizable forms and quizzes. Its advanced features, like conditional logic, enhance user interactions and data collection.

In conclusion, selecting the right quiz tool for your website can significantly enhance user engagement, interaction, and lead generation. These 20 remarkable tools offer diverse features and functionalities to cater to your specific needs. Explore their unique qualities and find the perfect fit to elevate your website’s interactivity and user experience.