Leadquizzes vs Outgrow: Which makes knockout quizzes?

By corrine | Quiz Product Reviews

Jul 12

Leadquizzes vs Outgrow: Which makes knockout quizzes?

Welcome back to another quiz related video! Today, we are doing a head to head comparison between two big players in the quiz making market! Certainly, the marketing focused quiz making market! I have already reviewed both Leadquizzes and Outgrow on this site before. Now, I want to see how they stack up head to head. Hopefully, if you are on the fence, this comparison will help!

Company Background

Leadquizzes was founded in 2015 by Dornubari Vizor, Jeremy Ellens. Lead quizzes started out as more of a marketing agency, but then transitioned into a software provider. Leadquizzes give me a feeling similar to Clickfunnels achieves in the funnel space. They  seem to have this cool and hip element to them. I think because they are associated with Neil Patel, the person that first got me thinking of quizzes as a good marketing tools. They did rather burst onto the seen, and seem to have become a big player in the quiz building market.

Outgrow, on the other hand, was founded a bit later in 2016. It was founded by Pratham Mittal and Randy Rayess, two university buddies. They seemed to have worked on several projects together since. To be honest, I had never heard of this company until I started to dive deeper into this industry. However, they do seem to have a good following of people that believe in what they offer!

Feature Comparison

Content Type

In terms of features, these two companies are very different! Leadquizzes is a more traditional quiz building service that sprung up from the success sites like Buzzfeed were having getting massive amounts of traffic with viral quizzes. However, Outgrow have taken this a step further. They don't just over quizzes, they offer what they call 'interactive content'. These mean that the Outgrow service gives you many more options for your business than Leadquizzes. I suppose, if Leadquizzes can really nail their one quiz option, they might make a fight of it when it comes to features. 

Types of content offered.


  • Quizzes  


  • Quizzes
  • Calculators
  • Chat bot
  • Assessment
  • Giveaway
  • Poll
  • Survey


Both services run a very similar style of platform. They both are website based services, meaning you log into their membership portal to make and handle the different content you want to produce.

Marketing Options

By this I mean the ability to capture email leads and such like from your quizzes.

Both Outgrow and Leadquizzes have the ability to add lead generation forms to your content and back this up with an excellent range of integrations to pass this information on to!



Help and Support

Leadquizzes and Outgrow have excellent support for their customers. Leadquizzes have a short training course you can take and an excellent 'get started now' tool tip with all the information you need to get started. Outgrow has a crazily massive documentation section on their website with all the help and tutorials you would need. 

Both use chat bots as their main point of contact with customers.  And both use these chat bots as a mini portal to help you find the information you may need on their websites. In both cases, it works well.  However, in terms of live support, Outgrow wins hands down. I have never had to wait a long time for their chat bot to reply to me with a real answer. No matter what time of day or night it is. However, I found the Leadquizzes one painfully slow. Is it manned by one guy? Once it worked, I got the answers I needed but it was just too slow. 

I hope you like chat bots!!


An important part of quiz making is the ability to review your results in depth. To get an idea who interacted with your quiz, how far they got, etc. You would expect pretty good results pages when looking at these higher end services, and both Leadquizzes and Outgrow pull through! Having said that, the Outgrow data is more detailed, even telling you geographic locations of your quiz takers. Outgrow also put more of the information into to bar and pie chart style format, making it much easier to see at a glance.

Outgrow put the icing on the cake by also offering an ability to analyse your content. This means it will look at what you have made and tell you if they think it is any good and what you can improve. Pretty amazing stuff, that type of detail is not seen on Leadquizzes.

Practical Use

Adding and Managing Questions

When looking at an area they both have in common, quiz building, they both act in a similar way. They both use visual drag and drop systems that are very user friendly and easy to understand. With a little time with the user interfaces, you should be building away in no time! I slightly prefer the Outgrow experience, as they do most things on one page. Leadquizzes often has to pop up new pages to fill in certain parts of your quiz. 

The Leadquizzes build screen

Whilst in the building process, both have the ability to preview what you have built. Outgrow's solution is slightly better though, as it lets you try out the preview on a mobile view too. This could be vital, as a lot of users are on mobile these days!

Outgrow has options for it's questions, such as different weighting for different answers and the possibility of using complex calculations for the result of a piece of content. No such thing at Leadquizzes.

Logic Branching

The logic branching in both these products is total garbage in my opinion. They both use a text based system, meaning that you set up text based rules. In Outgrow you select a logic jump to jump to a specific questions based on an answer. You then see a tiny curved arrow under that question to remind you about the logic jump. It makes it really confusing if you want to make a quiz with many different logic jumps! Leadquizzes aren't much better! A tiny logic branching icon lights up blue when you add a text based logic branch to one of their questions! 

If you plan on doing a lot of logic branching when making quizzes, I would tell you to avoid both these products and try some other products with a visual logic builder, such as Thrive Quiz Builder or Riddle! If you just plan on doing a little logic branching, you might get by with these products!

Do you even see that tiny logic jump arrow??

Pre-Made Content

I think pre-made content is important, especially for people that have problems being creative or that are new to making online quizzes.

Outgrow have made an excellent job of this. Each type of content you choose, you can then select a style template or a full blow example. They have a good number of these, for a wide variety of different industries and use cases.

No such luck with Leadquizzes. They currently have zero templates of any kind at the time of writing. Yes, you heard me! Zero! They used to have them in previous versions, but have not yet released any for the new Leadquizzes 3.

A/B Testing

If you are a serious user of A/B testing, I would go use something like Thrive Quiz Builder. It's way cheaper, and with excellent built in A/B testing. Both of these offerings are yet to implement anything similar. Of course, you could duplicate quizzes, make manual changes and monitor the results yourself. But who has the time to do that when you are trying to run multiple sites, marketing campaigns or whatever!!

Ability to make branded content?

Leadquizzes allows you to white label any quiz on any paid plan, meaning you can take out their branding and add your own. Outgrow locks this to the top tier $600 a month plan. 


Leadquizzes are going for a much more simplified pricing structure, whereas the Outgrow pricing is way more complex. If you are interested in Outgrow, you will need to read the pricing structure in detail to check that the features you want are in the plan you are willing to pay for! Outgrow seems more expensive, but you are getting a much better quality and fully featured product. This really is the classic situation of you get what you pay for.



Which One would I Pick?

So, to start with. If A/B testing or good logic branching is an important part of your business, skip both of these products. It still amazes me that such high end quiz products haven't got good implementations of these things, when Thrive Quiz Builder has both and is way cheaper!!

Other than this, I think it should be already pretty clear which product I think is better from reading this review so far.

Whoever decided to release the Leadquizzes 3 beta to full release this early, should not be a software developer anymore. Leadquizzes, in it's current form is a vastly inferior product to much of the competition. No templates, no A/B testing and shoddy logic branching (even from a recently released beta). The only good thing going for it is the user interface, which is slick and modern looking.

Outgrow takes this one by quite the country mile. They have a wide range of interactive content that will impress most website users. The current feature set they have far outweighs that of Leadquizzes. Not only are you not just limited to quizzes, but you get to make much more complex and tailored content too. Yes, it is expensive, but if you are using interactive content as a major marketing tool for your business, it will be worth it.

I feel that Outgrow has bothered to really think of all the small details a marketer would need. They have gone that extra mile to provide the ultimate product! This is something worth paying for in my book!

Have you tried both? Which one do you prefer? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments section below.