Quizitri Review

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May 21
Increase conversion rates with Quizitri

Quizitri Review

What is Quizitri?

In this Quizitri review, I am to set out exactly what the product is and how it can help you. By "you" I mean anyone running websites, blogs etc. 

The Creator of Quizitri, Andy Fletcher describes it as:

"Software that lets you create quizzes to drive traffic, convert prospects and segment leads for incredibly targeted lists."

Why is Quizitri needed?

I can remember, as a teenager, having my first experiences with the internet. It wasn't exactly flashy (I'm quite old!). Even with incredibly slow dial up internet and an ancient computer, it was still something I will never forget.

The dawning of the internet age has been an amazing thing for the world, and we have seen many innovations and advances as a result. That included marketing....although those first attempts at internet marketing were quite crude, to say the least!

As we stand today, though, the internet has been around for quite a while (certainly in the fast paced world of technology).

The general population are getting more and more web savy. During their internet surfing journey they have, no doubt, seen every type of internet marketing under the sun. They have had countless marketing emails and seen all kinds of banners and opt in messages.

The internet is a mature place and, thus, internet marketing is also maturing.

Back in the day internet marketing was SO much easier. You were aloud to load up a page with a million key words. You could spam users without any fear of Google de-ranking your website. You picked up opt in leads and spammed away! It really was a different world to today.

So the users that website owners are targeting are more savy to the typical online marketing formats. Traffic is harder to generate, due to an oh so complicated ranking process on Google. As an internet marketer in 2018, there are so many more hoops to jump through and problems to navigate.

What does this mean?

Well, in short, it means we need to change!

Because online traffic is so much harder to generate these days, it is important that what we get is treated well. And if your aim is to make money from them, they need to be converted well too.

I have read many stories of internet marketers lamenting their low conversion rates on their website opt-in forms and landing pages. 

This is because, like I said, a lot of those typical internet marketing styles can be stale or too direct for some users. Conversion testing has helped people get a grip on this and start to see that their conversion rates can improve when they do certain things! 

This is where Quizitri comes in!

Quizitri, as an online quiz making tool, is one example of how you can change up your online marketing strategies and breath new life into your conversion testing!

It has become well documented that several high profile conversion rate experts have cottoned on to the significance of quiz building. 

One of the well known ones is, of course, Neil Patel! Who is mentioned in most internet marketing situations!

Neil Patel has gotten everyone talking about quiz funnels and how well they convert!

This is because of engagement! Quizzes build engagement....which increases opt in leads, conversion rates....the lot!

I did write a more detailed post on this before, but I will summarise here.

When a potential customer feels engaged, they are far more likely to buy a product, opt in, leave feedback for the company or feel loyal to your product or service.

This is, simply put, because you are building a positive connection with the customer. You are not ramming a sales pitch straight down their throats from the off.

The quiz can help with this engagement greatly. When a client is asked to fill out a quiz, they are engaged. They feel that you actually want to help them, rather than just sell you a product or service! 

And, think about this!! If YOU filled in a quiz and didn't get the results....how would you feel? Of course, most people would feel great motivation to get the results of this quiz. Curiosity has been built up at this point, and the potential customer would do a lot more to secure those answers than if you just asked them cold.

Quizitri, as a tool, then comes in to help you offer the highest quality online quiz that you can!

The quality of these online quizzes is SO important. If the content of the quiz is meaningless to the consumer, then the motivation to get the results will quickly fade.

If the format of the quiz looks ugly or confusing, then the consumer will likely bounce off anyway, long before they got to consider the results.

Quizitri will make it easy for you to make high quality quizzes that WILL make people feel engaged. They WILL want to finish it. They WILL want to get the results.

Quizitri does this by offering software that is user friendly and easy (for any computer literate person) to use. It offers a high quality quiz framework, leaving you to simply tweak it for your particular content and needs.

What does it cost? What does it include?

I couldn't do a good Quizitri review without detailing exactly what you will get, right!!

So, here it is.

What does the number 69 remind you of.......oh, never mind!

The price is $69, so that should be the most important thing to remember about 69 🙂 

You will then get the option to add a $69 add on which will include extra templates for your online quizzes.

As this is a one off fee, it does stack up very well against its competitors at this price point. A lot of the competition are looking for a yearly fee or restrict the number of websites your quizzes appear on. No such thing here. The only problem, is when you add in the extra $69 template add on fee, this value starts to diminish.

What will Quizitri include?

Quizitri features

I talked about engagement earlier and, yes, engagement is VERY important to the health of your customer base!

But, the question is, what to do then?

My potential clients are engaged by the quiz.....then what?

Good point. After that, Quizitri will help you.....


As people complete your quiz, it gives you the ability to segment them based upon their answers.

It's a bit like the washing machine sales man I talked about earlier, but the online version. Oh, they want a quiet washing machine.....sell them this model! They want something hi-tech....point them to another model!

Of course, this is a very basic example, but you get the idea!


As we talked about earlier, engaging a customer effectively is one of the key factors in converting their lead into something more.

It is a proven fact that a well made and targeted quiz will provide that engagement and ,in turn, give the person filling it in the motivation to take action.

Did I mention that Quizitri is backed by a well known figure in the online marketing industry? Well it is!

Just go take a look at Convertri, the sister product of Quizitri! Then, you will see what I mean. These people have years of experience and know exactly how to create high converting assets, This software allows you to have these people fighting in your corner! When I talk about "conversion rate experts", they make a strong case to be in that category!

Originally, they thought to just add the quiz element into Convertri. 

This, however, turned the product into a confusing hot mess!

Thus, Quizitri was born! Future quiz funnels rejoice!

Other Notable features of Quizitri

  • Amazing Templates - They will be simple and good looking, allowing you to make effective quizzes much faster! Quality is key here!
  • Pre-written Examples - Not confident at writing your own quiz straight away? No worries, there will be a bank of examples available to use on launch. This will allow you to get started straight away, no matter what!
  • Lead Value - Quizitri will track the value of your impressions, making it easy for you to see your potential earnings. This helps you decide the validity of the campaign! Bottom line - are you making money?
  • Become a quiz master yourself - The commercial licence will allow you to make money from quizzes you have created, by selling them to clients.
  • Mobile responsiveness was a key consideration when creating Quizitri. Something that is important if you want to rank your site on Google.
  • Ability to integrate autoresponders into Quizitri.
  •  You will be able to seamlessly embed the Quizitri quiz into your website or blog.
  • Social Networks will be a key element, facilitating sharing to gain traction.
  • Question variety has been built in. You don't want a wooden sounding quiz, right? Mutliple question types will be available in Quizitri.
  • Also includes Question scoring, landing pages, ability to remove Quizitri branding.... 

How does it handle?

I managed to get my grubby mitts on a pre-release version of Quizitri, to really see how it stacks up to the competition. As this is a pre-release version, some elements may be improved upon release. However, this will give us a really solid look at Quizitri's feature set in motion!

Bring your quiz funnels to life with Quizitri!

How does Quizitri differ from other quiz building software?

Good question!

This is the first quiz building app I have used that doesn't use a WordPress plugin approach. Quizitri is operated online, through their website, allowing you to embed code into your own website to display the quiz. This allows for far greater flexibility than other competitors. You can embed their quizzes anywhere that allows HTML code. This also means that there is no restriction to the number of websites you can use Quizitri on.

The other key difference, is that Quizitri has made a real effort to include many different templates. Those of you that read my Thrive Quiz Builder review, will note that the lack of templates over there was a major downer for me personally. Upon first creating a quiz in Quizitri, I can see they have included a wide range of templates. These are targeting common themes and business types for online quizzes.

Be aware, that a lot of these will need you to purchase the $69 template add on pack though. I like the idea of providing a wider variety of templates (that a lot of competition don't), but I don't like it being behind a $69 paywall. You would then be paying double for this product, and the value proposition starts to fade.

The only other thing to note, is once you have chosen a template, there is no way to change the look of the finished product. So if you want complete customisation options over the look of your quizzes, this is not for you.

Is it easy to use?

The UI is simple and laid out in a user friendly way. It didn't take me long to get around this tool and start building a quiz.

If you are in any way computer literate, you should find this pretty simple.

Conversion rate experts agree, quiz apps will help!
Quizitri, one of the online lead generation tools!
Get more opt in leads with quizitri!

Most of the options are well explained within the application, so confusion is kept to a minimum. The only thing not explained particularly well is the outcomes section of the quiz. This is basically the category outcome that you can set up and group people in depending on their answers. For those not familiar with online marketing quizzes, this might be slightly confusing at first. I am sure after full release, this will get explained better!

Adding questions and images to go along with your quizzes is easy. They do have branching and logic that you can apply to your quizzes, which is great to see. This means you can send people down a particular route of questions depending on their answers. This works fine with fairly small quizzes, but if you plan on making a massive gorilla of a quiz, this system might get confusing.  When looking over your questions, the title doesn't change to the question itself. It remains as question 1, question 2, etc. So when interlinking a lot of your questions with branching logic, it can get a little confusing. It works OK, just not the ideal system for bigger quizzes with this logic. After launch, they need to work on this. It's great they have this feature, but they need to make it more user friendly.

In this department, I don't think anything compares to Thrive Quiz Builder, who have one of the best user interfaces for making quizzes with branching logic.

Quizitri integrates easily with seven of the most popular email autoresponders, which should make it easy for most people to collect opt in leads.

So, what's the verdict?

Don't cry, but it is coming to the end of my Quizitri review 🙂

I am sure you will agree. Quizitri includes everything you could possibly need in order to make high quality quizzes for your online marketing!

It's a shame that, although some of the execution is good, it is not up to the level of the class leading application!

I like the fact that this is a software specialising in quiz building. So many other programs will just tack it on and not give it much thought. 

As Quizitri was designed solely with quiz building in mind, it will give much more depth to the experience.

Within this small niche of quiz building applications focused on internet marketing, how does it stack up? 

I would say, pretty well. It has lots of templates (if you buy the extra $69 addon) for those of us that don't feel confident with designing from scratch. It has the branching logic, which is a must in my eyes for quiz builders in 2018. It's just a shame that this feature is a bit clunky.

The pricing structure is solid, offering a great one off price and freedom to use quizzes on a wide variety of websites. The problem is that the quiz building niche has some heavy hitters. At this price point, the heavy hitter is Thrive Quiz Builder.

The basic $69 dollar version of Quizitri ends up being very similar to the one site license version of Thrive Quiz Builder. If you want all the extra templates on Quizitri, you need to pay for the extra $69 add on. Thrive Quiz builder has a much better way of managing logic and branching in your quizzes, allowing you to make big and complex quizzes without getting overwhelmed and confused. And, even though Thrive only include four themes for your quizzes, it won't take you long to learn their drag and drop style of designing. You can then make whatever design you want from scratch. And even though Quizitri may have more templates, those templates are not flexible at all. If there is something small in the design you don't like, you can't change it.

Also, Thrive is from a bigger and more established company, that regularly updates and improves their product. It is yet to be established whether we will see the same level of quality from such a new entry as Quizitri.

So, for me, I can't help but recommend Thrive Quiz Builder

Quizitri has made a great effort but it is a "David" up against a "Goliath". They have started well but need to continue to improve in order to make us deviate from such a household name in Thrive Quiz Builder.

If you have any personal experiences with Quizitri or any other similar products, please leave a comment below!



The Good Stuff:
  • ​Easy to use and add to many sites.

  • ​Easy to Embed Quizzes

  • Competitive Features & Price.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Branching logic confusing with bigger quizzes.
  • Can't fully customise look of quizzes. Templates are static and can't be tweaked.
  • Extra Templates behind $69 paywall.

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