The quiz is the key to Affiliate Conversions in 2024!

Quizzes increases conversion! Even for this happy bloke!

A quiz will turn your website traffic into a converting money pit!

What’s the big deal about quizzes?

I am sure that many website and blog creators have gotten to this point. They have worked tirelessly on their content, churning out post after post. Slaving over high quiality content until the early hours of the morning!

Finally, they see that their website is gaining traffic……they feel elated! Hundreds, even thousands of visitors pouring into their site! Making money is now the easy part, right?


For most creators, this is the point where they will actually start having issues. They begin dropping some affiliate marketing links. Opt-in boxes are multiplying like Gremlins!!

Fast forward to a few months later. They are staring at their screen, looking at their conversion rates. Scratching their head, they wonder why their conversion rates are so low??

And conversion rates are SO important. Just by increasing your conversion rate, you will make more money from the same work.

It’s all about tweaking, and the SEO and website experts having starting working out that there are techniques that can catapult your conversion rates into the stratosphere! 

This is where quizzes come in!!

One of the techniques you will hear about here is quizzes! 

Simply by adding a quiz, you will get a much higher conversion rate on whatever you add it to. 

This could be gathering emails through opt in forms. It could be setting up someone to buy a product, the possibilities are endless!

Why do quizzes work so well?

This is a good question. 

Think about it this way. If someone walked up to you in a store and went straight into hardcore sales mode immediately, how would you feel? Unless this sales person is in the top 2% percent of performers and knows his or her stuff, you will likely feel negative about this approach in some way.

By changing this approach and making it more subtle, you will make someone feel more comfortable and more likely to commit. There needs to be an ice breaker that encourages someone to engage first.

So, if that same sales person approached you in a store and asked something like…

“Would you like me to help you decide which washing machine is best for you?”

You would be more likely to feel that the person is trying to help you rather than selling something. It’s a much less aggressive sales tactic…and it is proven to work many times.

The sales person then asks a simple set of questions based on washing machine types and which one would most suit your home life. 

Now, apply this to your website or blog!

Rather than just asking a website visitor to jump in there and give you an email or buy a product, try changing this for a quiz. 

The great thing about this is that there are many tools coming out that make this process so much easier to do. With these tools you don’t need design skills or programming skills. All of this will be wrapped up in a user friendly experience which is, usually, just a matter of pointing and clicking your way to quiz success!!

That is the main reason I started this website, to take a closer look at these tools and make sure you get the one that best suits your needs.

Customer Engagement is the KEY!

It’s a well known fact within the marketing community, that engagement is the key to success in many scenarios. 

In basic terms this means that you need to engage the potential customer BEFORE you start selling them something or asking them to opt-in.

This engagement will make your average customer feel a connection with your website, service or whatever. Think of it as laying a foundation first, a foundation that helps the other party feel more relaxed and ready to be sold to.

This is a well known marketing fact, although I am not going to bore  you with the finer details here. I am sure you don’t want to read through a million words, right?

Instead, I will link you some key marketing authorities that know what they are talking about!!

Of course, don’t take my word for it. Any research you do on marketing will bring up the same point that customer engagement increases opt-in and sales rates, as well as customer loyalty.

These are very important to any business. 

Quizzes are an excellent part of that engagement and, with today’s modern tools, can be easily integrated into any lead generation or sales conversions on your website.

So, if you are one of those creators that has been staring at your screen, wondering about why your conversion rates are so low. Consider taking a look at this website and seeing how much quizzes could increase your success!