WP Quiz Pro Review 2024

By corrine | Quiz Product Reviews

Jun 08

Will it make it to your Quiz Funnel?

In a sea of Quiz builder reviews, here is another one! Here at SEO Quiz Master, we want to try out as many of these applications as we can in a continuing quest to find the best one for lead generation quizzes and quiz funnels!! (among other internet marketing things).

The recent benchmarks for me have to be Quizitri (as the latest kid on the block) and Thrive Quiz Builder!

Will WP Quiz Pro be able to hold it's own against the competition? Let's find out! Welcome to the WP Quiz Pro Review.

Buzz Feed or Neil Patel?

With all this exposure to quiz building applications, it occurs to me that a lot of these tend to fall into two camps. I have made these "camps" up myself and others may debate their validity! Buzz Feed got famous several years back with gaining massive traction for their website, by offering popular quizzes for people to fill out and share. Some of the most shared articles on Buzz Feed are the ones containing those types of viral quizzes. 

Therefore, some quiz building applications focus more on replicating the Buzz Feed model, offering the ability to include similar quizzes on your own website.

Neil Patel, as a famous internet marketing and conversion rate expert, has then come along to champion the use of quizzes specifically related to internet and affiliate marketing. Amongst some top internet marketing gurus, terms such as quiz funnels started to be bounced around.

Those Buzz Feed quizzes, to me, just picked popular subject matters and got people interested to complete and share them. Yes, it gets your website noticed and massively exposed on social media. Yes, it does engage your website visitors. But, I feel as an online lead generations or conversion tool, the Buzz Feed style is just scratching the surface.

In my opinion, the likes of Neil Patel and all the quiz funnel and lead generation quiz talk, has refined the nature of quizzes and how they can be used in internet marketing. This is a much more focused approach to see how quizzes can improve your conversion testing and basically make you more money. We all want that, right??

So this is why I say that most quiz building applications can be positioned under two distinct categories, the Buzz Feed style and the internet marketing focused style!

To give an example, my recent review of Quiz Cat highlights a product that is mostly trying to offer that Buzz Feed style. Whereas, my Quizitri review shows something more highly tuned into making an efficient quiz for internet marketing. 

Where does WP Quiz Pro stand? For me, it is a part of the Buzz Feed category. In this WP Quiz Pro review, I hope to explain why!

wp quiz pro review

The Features of WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress plugin, so this is a tool that is specifically designed for that website platform. 

Four Main Types of Quiz

In WP Quiz Pro you can make quizzes of these types:

PERSONALITY QUIZ: These are well known from all those other quiz building apps. Quiz takers take a variety of questions and are grouped into a personality category at the end

TRIVIA QUIZ: Test the quiz takers knowledge of a certain subject or topic area. Results given based upon their question scoring.

SWIPER QUIZ: This is where the quiz taker chooses preferences by swiping a picture to the left or right. In this case they will click a thumbs up or down to send the picture in the desired direction! This is the first quiz app that I have tested so far that has this option. 

FLIP CARDS QUIZ: Include images in your quiz that can be flipped to show a correct answer. Again, out of the quiz builders I have personally tested, this is the first time I have seen such an option.

Social Sharing Options

From what I can see, this amounts to buttons which appear at the end of each quiz, encouraging the user to share. You can also set an option to force the quiz taker to share the quiz in order to see their results (watch out for the new privacy law in Europe if operating there!). Twitter cards are also supported.

To me, the social networks you can share to are a little limited, being only Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and VK (a Russian social network).

The fact they don't include the likes of Instagram is a shame, because these other networks are becoming incredibly popular. From my own experience, Instagram can offer as much if not more possibility for traction for your website quiz sharing!

Integration into WordPress

When you make a quiz in WP Quiz Pro, it will place it on a page on your website. You can also use a short code to embed this quiz on any other page you would like.

Enhanced Media

I have seen many quiz applications that allow you to attach images to your questions, but this is the first offering I have seen to allow you to add videos to your questions too. This offers this plugin the ability of making a unique looking quiz.

Quiz Adverts

This feature allows you to add adverts to your quizzes, allowing you to get monetary value from them.

Collect Emails

You can connect your quizzes up to an autoresponder service and direct any collected emails to your lists. The list of integrations is limited to MailChimp and GetResponse though.

Other Features

  • Randomise your questions and answers
  • Allow user to restart the quiz.
  • Add a countdown timer to your quizzes.
Will conversion rate experts like WP Quiz Pro?

Missing Features?

What are the missing features or under used features of WP Quiz Pro?

I have to say, I don't really like the way they set up their sales page over on MyThemeShop

An example is they say "This plugin is completely customizable, meaning you can adapt it to suit the look and feel of your web design and branding."

What does this actually amount to? Well, you can choose 2 themes for your quiz, and play around with the colours! That's it! That is not my idea of "fully customizable." Which such a lack of design and look options, most people's quizzes will end up looking almost the same! We want unique quiz funnels!

Also, they claim this to be mobile responsive. Maybe it is, by there is no way to change anything specifically for mobile. Surely, for this claim you need some custom options for this.

By far the BIGGEST missing feature, is the fact that you cannot do any kind of question branching and logic. You cannot customise your quiz to send people down different paths to get different results or recommended different products. Those of you that read many reviews on this site will know that this is considered the MUST HAVE feature of 2018. This is one of the main reasons this product is grouped more in the Buzz Feed style of quiz building applications. If you want to see more options for conversion testing and creating quiz funnels, you need this feature. 

I will give you an example. In this product you CAN group people into categories based upon their answers and use this information to market to that category. What you CAN'T do, is send someone down a different set of questions based on an answer. You might ask someone if they excercise mostly indoors or outdoors. If they choose outdoors, you can direct that person down a string of questions only focused on outdoor fitness. 

This is a game changer! Most conversion rate experts (including the rather famous one mentioned earlier) would agree!!

How does this product feel to use?

As this is a WordPress plugin, WP Quiz Pro's interface is integrated into that. A WP Quiz menu will magically appear after installing the plugin. When you go to "All Quizzes", they are presented like a list of posts would be within a regular WordPress website. When you click into a quiz, you will get to the section where you can tinker with the details of the quiz itself.

These controls are kept within what would be the text box if you were making a post. I felt like this made the controls slightly cramped, but they still work fine.

The actual controls are well laid out and easy to use, so no problem there. The different controls are nicely laid out in three tabs - content, styling and settings. Most people could sit down and easily build a quiz. The user friendly aspect is well and truly ticked!

wp quiz pro review
wp quiz pro review

How's the cost?

This product has rubbed me the wrong way in the same way that Quiz Cat did in my recent review! In my opinion, the sales page is slightly misleading. It states the price as simply $77, within a big green box that shows the main price and buy options. It's only tucked lower down in a small menu that this is effectively a subscription. As, for the $77, you only get one year of support and updates. Like I said in the Quiz Cat review, most people don't like having outdated plugins for the sake of website security! So, in my eyes, this is a subscription product. 

I sincerely hope these developers stop trying to (in my opinion) hide the recurring subscription element. This is not good business practice and will hurt them in the long run.

This product is limited to use on five websites. This would be enough for most users, but a lot of people in internet marketing have a tendency to accumulate websites faster than a snow drift in a Canadian winter 🙂

In Conclusion

I feel very similar about this product than I did about Quiz Cat. It has been around for several years and has been kept updated, but it is from the earlier Buzz Feed inspired group of applications.

Yes, you can make a large variety of good looking quizzes with minimum fuss. Yes, they do have some interesting features such as the ability to add videos to quizzes and make swiper/flip card quiz types. Oh, and don't forget the ability to have adverts in your quizzes!

Unless you want that exact functionality and are looking to simply replicate those Buzz Feed quizzes, there are better options.

For a similar price, you could get a fully featured Thrive Quiz Builder. Or, if you are not a confident designer and want more templates, Quizitri is also in the same price bracket.

Both of these options have the ability to make more custom quizzes. Yes, you can make Buzz Feed style if you want, but you can make other looks if you want too. You will also get branching logic questions in both these offerings, something WP Quiz Pro can't offer.

For the modern internet marketing professional, I feel they would choose that feature set, rather than that of WP Quiz Pro.

But, hey, I could be wrong! What do you think? Are you a conversion rate expert yourself? Which product would you rather have in your quiz funnel?Which one would do best for your opt in leads and conversion testing?

We would love to hear all about it in the comment section below! Happy Quiz Building!

If any major updates are made to this product, to bring it in line with the quiz building competition, I will make an updated review!


Yes, it does have some minor features that other quiz builders don't. Yes, you can build Buzz Feed style quizzes easily and quickly. But in 2020, there are better products that focus more on increasing your opt in leads and conversion rates.


The Good Stuff:
  • Can Use Adverts & Videos in your Quiz

  • ​Interesting choice of quiz types.

  • Easy to use.
The Bad Stuff:
  • ​No Branching Logic for Quizzes.

  • ​Confusing pricing.

  • Lack of design & look choices.