One major benefit of quizzes for online business’

By corrine | Tips on Quizzes

May 26

One major benefit of quizzes for online business’

As you probably already worked out, this website is all about quizzes and their role in modern internet marketing. In this article, I will attempt to explain this particular major benefit for online business' Which is to........

Personalise your content

When marketing to people, it usually works better when that person feels that you are directly trying to help THEM!

I mean, if you walked into a shop and some salesperson came up to you offering you random products. Pulling anything off the shelves and trying to sell it to you, this would not go down well. You would probably think the sales person is crazy, right?

What you want is someone to recognise what you are after and attempt to personalise their sales pitch to that. It shows you they made an effort. Spamming takes NO effort.

In the bad old days of internet marketing, people would often use spam tactics and do pretty well out of it. I have heard stories of people making web pages that have been literally stuffed with keywords and affiliate links. Back then, this could actually work for you.

These days, you would be out of luck. Google would quickly toss your website in the big SEO black hole, where your site will never be seen again.

Therefore, internet marketers need to get savvy. They need to find ways to personalise their content as much as possible.

People may think that this personalised targeting is only for the marketing big boys??

Well, those people would be wrong. These days there are many affordable tools that can help an online entrepreneur to effectively target and segment their customer base with ease.

One of those tools comes in the way of quiz builders.

It may seem weird to pretty much build a whole website on quiz building for online marketing. But, after witnessing the effectiveness of them when added to online promotions, I had to do it! To spread the word of new found quizdom!

Some of the biggest online marketing hot shots have been raising the profile of quizzes within this niche, for good reason.

One of those gurus is Neil Patel, who has talked about how he did a $100,000 challenge in 2015. He was challenged by his followers to make $100,000 a month from a brand new online business. He managed to do this within a year. When talking about the project, one of Neil’s main ways he used to get his leads for was by using quizzes. He set up a nutrition based website online and then added a quiz titled “Which Diet Is Right For Your Personality?” This increased his lead generations substantially. That quiz helped make a personal connection of value between his site and the potential lead. This resonates far more than just asking for an email outright. Especially when a lot of people are becoming sceptical of some of the more traditional forms of digital marketing around lead capture.

He also talks about his experiences with quizzes within the online marketing niche here:

“If you frequently visit a local coffee shop for example, they know you personally. They might even have your coffee order just the way you like it ready as you step up to the counter. Why is that not happening on the web? Why can’t we help businesses re-create that warm and fuzzy feeling online?”

Neil Patel

With the correct quizzes, you can give your online business that “fuzzy feeling”. This is what I will attempt to spell out in the next section!

Are you ready for all this fuzzy feeling talk?? Lets hope so!

How do quizzes personalise my content?

Here I want to talk about the actual physical ways that these quizzes can help you break down and target your audience.

As stated previously, the typical way to build a quiz is to use that quiz to encourage people to sign up for your email list.

If the quiz is meaningful to the person taking it, they will feel a commitment and desire to get the results. When you put those results behind an email opt in form, it has proven to be very effective.

A word of warning here! The European Union have recently come out with new laws around the subject of privacy. I recommend you to read up on this, to make sure that any quizzes you use are compliant. As I type, people are already trying to legally challenge the likes of Facebook with this new law. They are saying that Facebook breaches this law because they essentially force you to allow them to use your private information in order to sign up for the service. This take it or leave it approach doesn’t allow users to opt out of having their information used.

This may mean that the way these quizzes ask for emails has to be tweaked too, making it clear why these emails are being handed over and what they will be used for. Will this dampen the successful sign up rate that people have had in the past? There is no way to know yet! Anyway, you might want to look into the legal ramifications of this if you are thinking of using quizzes for this purpose on your site.

There is a great article here which talks specifically about this new European law and online marketing.

So, the quiz will help you gather leads effectively from your website. You can even use paid ads, which are directed to quizzes, to get fresh leads that are not already headed to your site. Is there more?

So, these quizzes are just to generate leads?

Actually, no. This is where I get quite excited by the possibilities of quizzes. Yes, quizzes are great tools to capture leads, but if you are not taking it further you are really missing out, that's for sure!

Quiz building software these days is pretty amazing. An example, would be from my recent Thrive Quiz builder review. This is a pretty affordable quiz builder (focused on online marketing) that can get you doing some really cool stuff!

First of all, in Thrive Quiz builder it is really easy to build complex and well made quizzes. However, you can also use these quizzes to precisely segment those people that take your quiz.

If you just take the end result of a quiz on exercise, for example. You know that the lead generated is interested in exercise in general, because you know they took a quiz on the subject. But you don’t know much more than that.

This is where categories and tags come in. You can add an ending category for your quiz takers, based on the answers they gave. In this particular example, you could add categories such as “Hardcore exerciser” and “Casual exerciser”. At the end of the quiz, all participants would be rated according to their answers and placed into one of these overall categories. This also means that the email list generated will be split similarly. This is great, right?? Because, you can start targeting the hardcore group with emails promoting exercise product that an extreme person in that niche would like. The possibilities are endless.

And, get this, it doesn’t just stop there.

Thrive Quiz Builder (and most other good quiz builders) allow you to track individual answers with tags. Maybe you have one question asking people their favourite place to exercise? The gym? Outside? At home? With each answer tagged, you can then group up the people that answered this question in particular ways. This enables you to, lets say, target the “at home” group with products that specifically teach exercises to do at home.

Of course, the MOST powerful way is to combine these categories and tags together into a recipe of AWESOMENESS!!.

That guy that ended up being in the “Hardcore exerciser” and outside tag. He will soon be getting an email talking about an amazing new extreme exercise program for outdoors….i don’t know, maybe mountain running!!

So by using quizzes, you are getting to know your potential audience in great detail. You are not just capturing a lead, you are capturing a lead which can be narrowed down to a specific target group.

This will allow you to give your internet marketing an extreme level of personalisation, something which is proven to increase conversions in this industry.

If you had joined a website on boating, for example. Maybe you did this because you own a sailboat and want to learn more about it. But, if the website starts sending you emails on “How to best maintain your speedboat’s engine” you probably won’t respond to this in any way. However, if they start sending targeted emails about “The best way to maintain your awnings”, your motivation to click on that would be much greater.

Modern Online Marketing is the best, right!

In conclusion, I feel we are very lucky to live in an era where we have such top notch tools at our fingertips for online business.

I personally would not want to go back to the old school days of online marketing, where spamming key words and links were king.

Yes, it was easy. But what fun is easy?

Thanks to these beautifully made tools, online marketing is more of an art than a spam and forget method.

I welcome this with open arms (and great enthusiasm!).

So, if you are struggling to get leads…….try a quiz!

If you can’t seem to get conversions…….try a quiz!

If you don’t know what your customers really want…..try a quiz!

You get the idea! Ha ha, now I am guilty of spamming.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the article and gained something valuable from it.

If you have any experiences of using the methods we talked about today, feel free to post this in the comments section below.

It’s always great to hear from other like minded people.