What to expect from SEO Quiz Master?

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May 28

What to expect from SEO Quiz Master?

Good Morning!

As this is a fairly new site and it is a little bit empty right now, I wanted to give you a heads up (as Americans would say) to what content to expect in the coming weeks and months!

The reason I set this site up was to provide information specifically on online quiz builders for online marketing. This has been an area that has grown significantly in the past several years.

For many online marketing professionals, these quiz builders have become a very important part of their business. These quizzes raise engagement levels for your potential customers. It could just mean that they feel more closely linked with your website or service. Usually this means they are far more likely to come back and recommend your site to friends. When you put an offer in front of these customers, they are far more likely to be converted too.

I wrote in more detail about this in the following article on SEO Quiz Master.

As Quiz builders are my main focus, that means that I want to try and cover those quiz building tools first. After that, I want to try and also write reviews for some other non quiz related internet marketing tools. As you will see from what I have lined up on the quiz builder front, it may take me a while to get to those non quiz related products! I will get there at some point though!

The Big Boys!

I want to say first of all, my rationale for the products I will be covering first on SEO Quiz Master.

There are some big boys in this niche, namely LeadQuizzes and Qzzr. However, these big boys are expensive and require quite a financial commitment.

Qzzr costs $24.99 a month for an incredibly limited service. They even put Qzzr branding on your quizzes at this price level. To get any real decent level of service, you need to pay at least $199 a month. This is a fair amount of coin right here! They have plans that go up to $10,000 a month too (gulp).

LeadQuizzes is not too different. They start with a monthly fee of $16 a month. This limits you to 100 opt in leads from your quizzes a month. To me, that seems like even the most novice internet marketers would hit that limit pretty soon. You then go to $49 a month for 500 leads a month.

Don’t get me wrong, these products do look amazingly well put together, and I will review them eventually. But, I feel they are targeted at bigger business or experienced internet marketers with more financial resources.

I wanted to start SEO Quiz Master by reviewing some more reasonable offerings, in terms of cost.

To see if we can get close to the quality of the big boys for a fraction of the cost. In this day and age, I expect this to be possible. Software development is becoming a highly competitive industry these days, with more and more developers popping up each week. Good software can be made by small teams in 2018, and is not only in the realm of mega corporations. This really helps us internet marketing professionals to find the best quiz building software for our needs AND our budget!

Thrive Quiz Builder

This started with my review of Thrive Quiz Builder. This is an excellent software for the price, especially when you compare to what I detailed above.

Of course, it was not perfect. For the lower price of this software, some features had to be reduced. But, it was certainly a great start and sets the benchmark for lower priced quiz builders in the internet marketing space. Thrive Themes are a company that have dedicated themselves to making high quality and affordable WordPress plugins for the internet marketing niche. They have continued this with Thrive Quiz Builder!

Quizitri Review on the way!

My next step will be to review a new quiz building app called Quizitri. This new software comes out on the 12th of June. The pricing and features looks to be very competitive when compared with Thrive Quiz Builder. It may even trump some of the downsides of that software, such as lack of content templates.

I am excited to update you on how Quizitri performs hands on, something I am not too far away from doing.

Lets hope it lives up to the feature list and promise shown already.

Other Notable Reviews…

I have been preparing ideas for other reviews and have come up with some interesting ideas.

GetSiteControl is an interesting proposition. They allow you to add widgets to your site that are focused on internet marketing. Check out the review here.

The relevant part for us is they allow you to make surveys for your website. I know it is not exactly the same as a quiz, and I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on the software yet!

I hope to do so soon, and see how the product is and if it stacks up well to showcase on SEO Quiz Master!

There are some pretty budget options on my radar. Namely, Viral Quiz, Viral Press and Ari Stream Quiz.

All of these look interesting and, at first glance, seem to be offered for a fairly low price. It will be great looking into these kinds of products more and seeing how they stack up.

It is certainly great to see this level of competition with online quiz building.

I will be a very busy individual in the coming weeks and months, even years!

Lets hope I can get through this list as fast as possible though, because I am sure there will be plenty more products to review where they came from!

Thank you for reading this short article. Hopefully, it gives you some idea what to expect from SEO Quiz Master. If you have any suggestions, feel free to get in contact with me or leave a comment below.

Happy Quizzing!

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