Leadquizzes VS Interact: Which Quiz is Best for You?

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Jul 21

Leadquizzes VS Interact: Who makes the best quiz?

And here we are again with another head to head review. After recently reviewing Interact Quiz Maker, I was pretty impressed with what I saw! The question is, will it make a better quiz than Leadquizzes! Leadquizzes have a lot of hype around them, so this will be an interesting head to head! Leadquizzes VS Interact: here's the showdown!

Even if you don't agree with all of my conclusions, hopefully this head to head review will at least show you the finer details of both of these quiz making platforms. A lot of people are coming into this market and wondering which platform is best for them! We hope to help, at least a little bit 🙂

Leadquizzes VS Interact: Some Background to Start

Leadquizzes were first started in 2015, by Dornubari Vizor and Jeremy Ellens. Based out of Phoenix Arizona, they plan to offer the number one quiz lead generation tool. One look at their website and you will have two key takeaways! Their platform is all about lead generation. Also, they like Neil Patel A LOT! I suppose most business' would jump all over this too, if one of the most 'famous' internet marketing guys said he liked your product! Or at least, had success one time with your product! The feeling and setup of the business model reminds me a lot of Clickfunnels in the funnel building space! Maybe it's just me, but it feels pretty identical!

leadquizzes vs interact review

Interact come with much less fanfare or hype! They don't have any 'famous' marketing guys plastered all over their website, that's for sure! However, as someone who has been around the quiz building community, I have noticed more and more people in this space using and recommending Interact Quiz Maker! They were started out in 2013 by Matthew Clark and Josh Haynam, so they have actually been around longer than Leadquizzes! Matthew and Josh seem to make a good team! Two college buddies, one good with the business side and one good with the technical software side!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Comparing Product Features

With the introductions out of the way, lets move onto the real meat and potatoes of this comparison!!

I usually like to start with the user interface. This is one area that Leadquizzes shine! After they released version 3 of their platform in February, they wowed us with this clean and slick looking UI. They clearly have top designers in this area, as they have mastered the art of a quality UI. When using it, you can't help but get the feeling that this is an expensive and quality product! This is the whole reason companies spend big on these things, it's one of the most important first impressions an online platform can make!

Interact Quiz Maker, on the other hand, goes for something solid and dependable, but it doesn't quite ooze the same level of slickness and quality of their competitor here. Having said that, most things are clear and simple to use, and I am sure a lot of people will enjoy using this UI too.

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Leadquizzes wins on the UI front!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Does the Job!

Content Type

Both Leadquizzes and Interact don't exactly blow me away in this test. If you want amazing and creative quizzes, check out my Riddle review!

However, Interact come out slightly ahead, as they offer three clear quiz types. Personality quizzes, where the user is given a personality type end result. This can be used for any quiz where you want to put the users in a category at the end. An assessment, which is essentially a test of knowledge. Finally, a simple scored test, where the quiz taker gets a quiz score at the end.

Leadquizzes, on the other hand, seems to offer overly simple quizzes in comparison. Essentially, you only really have the option to put people in a category at the end. No scored quizzes.

The other problem is the way that Leadquizzes presents its quiz types. Every quiz starts in the same way, and you are left to look and adapt the question options yourself. Whereas, Interact clearly asks you every time you start a new quiz, what quiz type you want to use. This is a much clearer way of doing it!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Starting a quiz in Interact is a much clearer process!


As you might expect, both of these services operate on an online only basis. What I mean is everything is hosted within their membership portals. This means that if you ever stop paying your subscription, or the business goes away for some reason, you will no longer have access to your content. If you want a quiz builder that is not purely website based, take a look at my Thrive Quiz Builder review!

Marketing Features

I really like the simplicity and ease when adding a lead generation form to your Leadquizzes content. it's a simple drag and drop affair. It will literally take you seconds to set it up and collect the exact information you want.

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Interact Quiz Maker also has an excellent system. After you toggle on the collect leads switch, you are presented with a simple and comprehensive screen for you to set up all the details. This platform seems to have slightly more settings relating to GDPR and general user information protection. 

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

The problem with both implementations, is they don't allow any real customization. Just some minor colour, size and font changes at most! It would be great to add a bit more of your own flair to these!

Both these platforms have excellent options for marketing your content online. Both offer configurable website popups for this. Although Interact is the definite winner here, offering a whole load of other options. From announcement bars to even making a quiz into a Facebook advert, they have you covered! This is also presented in a simple and intuitive way, asking "How would you like to promote your quiz?"

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Interact quiz Maker has great marketing options!

Help and Support

This section of my quiz maker reviews has pretty much turned into the battle of the chat bots, as a lot of providers seem to be opting for these as the first point of contact with customers. The funny thing is, I think these two platforms are using the same software or something, as their chat bots look pretty much exactly the same to me! Can you spot the difference below!!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Interact Quiz Maker chat bot

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Leadquizzes chat bot

So this means the customer support setup of both companies is pretty similar. You can also use their chat bots to find related knowledge base articles, which is a nice help. However, both are a bit slow when it comes to getting a human response. In office hours both are OK, with Interact being a bit faster. But both have their moments when I have to wait many many hours to get a response. Interact had a whole weekend off, it seems! When you look at the market leader Outgrow, who respond quickly at any time of day or night, these companies have a lot to learn!

Outside of the chatbot, both companies do well to help new users. As you would expect, they both have a wide variety of knowledge base articles available for newbies!

I really like Leadquizzes 'get started' button that shows up when quiz making. When you click it, a list of essential informational articles will be presented to you, to help you to get up and running as quick as possible.

Leadquizzes has an excellent 'get started' button for new users!

Interact Quiz Maker also asks you the first time you log in, 'have you made a quiz before?', and does a good job guiding new users! There is also an excellent window that pops up any time you return to edit a quiz, which helps you select exactly which part you need to jump to. Maybe the Interact design team can make it less gaudy though!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

In short, you can't go far wrong with both platforms, who have done excellent work when it comes to providing help and support to anyone new to their software!


Both platforms have a good list of native integrations, making it easy to quickly connect those other services. It will just come down to whether they have that exact service that you use 🙂

Leadquizzes VS Interact review


Interact Quiz Maker


In this day and age, a lot of people are worried about GDPR and how to be compliant. Interact seem to be a bit further along here.

Leadquizzes do have some options, but as an article on their blog details, there are some key parts to still be implemented. Also, the features they do have in Leadquizzes, are not clearly labelled as being applicable to GDPR.

Interact have done a better job of adding GDPR features, which are clearly labelled on their platform. The full details of how to be GDPR compliant on their service can be found on their blog!

Leadquizzes VS Interact: Getting Hands On

We already talked about the user interface in detail. Both work well, but Leadquizzes has the more 'classy' offering here! How do these UI's work out when actually getting hands on and making quizzes?

Templates and Ready Made Content

This is an easy win for Interact, as they have a massive amount of content templates. Example quizzes, split up by industry. You will have no problems finding real examples to work with, give you inspiration and allow you to take a peek at how they work in the back end!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Leadquizzes, in comparison, have quite literally nothing to offer here! They used to have, but have not yet implemented this feature in the 3rd version of the platform, even though it have been out since February! Poor form Leadquizzes! You are left with a literal blank slate! Not great if you are in need of inspiration!

Both platforms need to improve when it comes to style customization. They already don't really allow much of this beyond font and colour changes. So why not at least give us some style template options, so all our quizzes don't look the same!!

Working with Questions

Leadquizzes' excellent UI comes into full effect here, making it super simple to work with questions. You simply drag and drop the elements you need onto your quiz, The only slight downside is that they often need popups to fill in the details. It would be nice to do this all on one page. There is a set of tabs at the top of the page that guides you through the quiz building process.

Although not as flashy, Interact is also simple to understand when it comes to building your quizzes. As you will see below, the layout is similar, if a bit more cluttered! I do really like the toggles on the top, to allow you to easily add features such as branching logic to your quiz. Interact don't have the tabs at the top of the screen though, so the design flow is not easily seen at a glance. 

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Both platforms allow you to preview your work, although I do prefer the Interact approach of being able to see a live update of your quiz as you edit. In fact, whatever you want to edit on each slide, it's just a matter of clicking and editing right there!

Both platforms also have excellent ways to link your answers to different result outcomes. Personally, I prefer Interact's line based connections, but both are very clear and easy to use!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Interact Quiz Maker Correlations

Leadquizzes Result Mapping

The only other weird design choice for Interact, is that when you want to re-order your questions, you are taken to a new screen. I don't know why they couldn't just let you drag them around on the same page, like Leadquizzes (and other competitors) do!

Branching Logic

When it comes to branching logic, we have one of the best implementations against one of the worst. 

I am grateful Leadquizzes at least made the effort to have this feature in Leadquizzes version 3, but why they opted for a text based system is beyond me! When you click on the logic branching icon on a question, you are taken to a new screen to add text based rules for this logic. The problem is its impossible to see the overview of all your branching logic paths at the same time, making it really hard to keep track of even slightly complex combinations!

Then when we jump over to the Interact Quiz Maker version of logic branching, you will see how simple it can be! They have a visual mind map style implementation. You start with a blank canvas and drag and connect the different elements into the logic branching system you want. At a glance you can see all of your logic branching efforts on one page, meaning even super complex branching combinations shouldn't look too confusing! Look below, and you will instantly see what I mean!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Even a budget quiz builder such as Thrive Quiz Builder has this, so I really don't know what Leadquizzes were thinking!

A/B Testing

Sadly, both products don't allow any kind of A/B testing. Actually, I am surprised how many of these higher end quiz platforms haven't implemented this yet, whereas the apparent lowly option of Thrive Quiz Builder has excellent A/B testing built right in!!

White Label Quizzes?

This is a small victory for Leadquizzes, as they offer white label quizzes on any of their pricing tiers. As long as you are on a paid tier with Leadquizzes, you are good to go! Interact Quiz Maker are not too bad either, but you need to be on the $53 a month Growth plan.

The End Result?

As there is little real customization on both platforms, you will be left with quizzes that all look pretty similar. For me, I prefer the look of the Leadquizzes' quizzes! They just seem a bit more polished in execution. Look at that massive button on the Interact quiz, there is no way to shorten it to better fit the text! You have to really nit pick the small details to evaluate the differences though! What do you think?

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

An example Leadquizzes quiz!

Leadquizzes VS Interact review

Interact Quiz Maker Example

Embedding the Quiz

Interact have some excellent choices when embedding your quiz. You can add an announcement bar or a popup to promote it on a website. You can make a quiz into a Facebook ad! They really have thought of everything. Even when you dive deeper into the embedding options, you will see they have even thought of options to help you embed your content on mobile devices, something a lot of services are not yet considering enough!

Leadquizzes also offer good embedding options, but not quite with the detail that Interact have had in mind!

Leadquizzes VS Interact: Reporting Tools

Interact come out on top here, but for some reason they saw fit to split their reporting tools up into two different places. One analytics tab when you look at all your quizzes on the overview screen, and another labelled 'reports' when actually building the quiz. This could be a bit confusing for some. When you actually look at these tools though, you will be amazed. There is even a literal funnel to show the flow of users through your quiz. Although both platforms have a similar level of statistics, Interact simply present this information in a more creative and useful way. Be aware that to get this detail in Interact, you will need to connect Google Analytics and/or a Facebook Pixel!

Leadquizzes VS Interact

The Interact Funnel!

Leadquizzes VS Interact

A little yawn inducing on the Leadquizzes side!

The Price

In this section, you can click the images to be taken to the official pricing page of each product.

Leadquizzes are going for a super simple pricing structure. They just limit the number of websites you can use with their software and the number of visitors to your quizzes on the lowest plan. I like the fact they don't penalise you too heavily for paying monthly, but if you do choose the annual payment plan you can get the Business tier for around $50 a month. This is some pretty competitive pricing.

Leadquizzes VS Interact

Interact Quiz Maker have something a little more complex. I would recommend going to the pricing page on their website to make sure the features you want are included. Although not as restrictive as Outgrow, you still need to be aware that the lite tier will be missing some key features. Also, they penalize you heavily for choosing to pay monthly. The $53 for the Growth plan will shoot up to $89 if you pay monthly. If you are able to pay annually, you will be getting an excellent quiz builder at a decent price. Otherwise, you might want to start looking elsewhere!

Leadquizzes VS Interact

Leadquizzes VS Interact: Which One Would I Recommend?

It's a sad day for Leadquizzes, as they are pretty much beaten out by anyone at the moment! Someone over there made the grave error of bringing their version 3 out of beta way too early, when it is feature limited. Why they would want to cripple themselves in this way is beyond me. And they are slow to add back features they had in previous versions! This means I would in no way recommend Leadquizzes right now. 

Interact Quiz Maker has shown to be an excellent option for anyone looking to make good quality marketing quizzes online. They have a good feature set and some really innovative implementations, such as when it comes to logic branching and results reporting. Maybe not top of the class right now, but pretty close!

Want do you think? If you don't agree with me, we would love to hear all about your opinions in the comments section below!!

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